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  • Earn As Much As P15,000 Monthly In This Online Job That Doesn't Require Work Experience

    by Kitty Elicay .
Earn As Much As P15,000 Monthly In This Online Job That Doesn't Require Work Experience
  • A lot of moms are intimidated with the thought of working from home especially if they do not have prior experience or a college degree. But all those we have interviewed before, who hold positions like online English teacher, virtual assistant, content writer, social media manager, and project manager, have said that a college degree is not a requirement for these jobs. If you are looking for an entry-level position, one of the things you can try are online typing jobs.

    What is an online typing job?

    There are different kinds of online typing jobs. The simplest are data entry jobs, wherein the data entry specialist is asked to input data onto a company or client’s system using a laptop or computer.

    You can also be an online transcriptionist. If you are a good listener and fast and accurate when typing, then this can be an ideal typing job for you. You’ll be asked to listen to recorded audio files and then type everything you hear into a text document.

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    Be careful of scams. There are a lot online, especially for data entry jobs, which doesn’t require a lot of special skills. Apply for data entry jobs with trusted companies that offer legitimate positions.

    A piece of advice from MK Bertulfo, founder of Filipina Homebased Moms (FHMoms): “When looking for online jobs, don’t pay for anything and never provide sensitive information such as your birthday, maiden name, bank account details, etc.” You can also do a social media or Google search to check if your customer or client is legit.

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    How can I make money through online typing?

    The amount varies depending on your skills, experience, and the scope of the job required. In general, data entry jobs pay the least wages, but you can earn more by accepting more projects if you are able to do a quick turnover.

    For data entry specialists, you can earn at least $3 (Php150) to $4 (Php1,000) per hour. Monthly rates can fall between $250 (Php12,500) to $300 (Php15,000), according to Christine Levine, a homebased virtual assistant who is familiar with the going rates.

    Beginner transcriptionists can earn at least $10 (Php500) per audio clip. Transcriptionists who have more experience can earn $20 (Php1,000) to $45 (Php2,300) per audio clip.

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    Where to find online typing jobs

    There are a lot of legitimate freelancing or work-from-home platforms that offer a range of jobs including general services, tutorials, review and testing, and creative work. Here are five websites for online typing jobs that we found for you.


    Onlinejobs.ph is the largest freelancing website in the Philippines. The company prides itself in acting as a mediator between employers and employees if disagreements arise and ensures that the employees are well-protected against scams.

    According to some of their job listings, if you want to become a full-time transcriptionist, you can earn at least Php20,000 to Php40,000. This usually entails an 8-hour shift that you can do at home.

    Because the payout is on the higher side, expect that the audio files you’ll be asked to transcribe will include medical reports, case notes, case studies, and other medical documents. The same rate can apply if you’ll be transcribing legal notes.

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    The company offers a number of services from online customer support, language translation, business administration, and transcription and data entry services. Those seeking online typing jobs can go to www.capitaltyping.com/jobs to see a list of open positions.

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    This is one of the biggest global freelancing websites. Take note that for any job that you’ve accepted from their site, Upwork will charge a fee for every project payout. But the good thing about this platform is that you are ensured that the employer will pay you for completed projects (just make sure that you transact everything on the website).


    They offer a lot of homebased projects for professional employees. They have a good reputation and you can find various typing jobs from legitimate clients that offer a competitive salary.


    Freelancers would be familiar with this website since its clients are mostly start-up companies looking for employees who can do remote work. They are available in more than 180 countries and offer various jobs include long-term remote positions. Unlike other websites, you’ll be able to receive the full amount promised for every completed project.

    Want to know how you can apply for online jobs? Click here.

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