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These Are The 3 Rules Piolo Pascual Abides By That Make Him Financially Savvy
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  • Piolo Pascual never worries about his expenses.

    Those times he didn't earn much as an actor, endorser, or a producer, he was glad he didn't need much as well.

    He explained, "Personally, sa career ko, I'm thankful and I'm grateful that through the years, I never had to consider quitting just because my movie didn't become a hit.

    "I'm the kind of person who's very practical."


    Here are some of the rules he set when it comes to money: do not overspend, save, and do not borrow money.

    Piolo said, "I don't buy things that I cannot afford."

    "So even if I don't have the money, I make sure that I save up first before I get something, so I know wala akong babayarang utang.

    "Even if there's nothing coming or if I'm not earning anything, I don't have to worry about having to pay my loans because hindi ako nangungutang nang hindi ko kayang bayaran.

    "So through the years...one of the reasons why I stay afloat is because I'm always practical."

    Piolo gave this statement during the launch of Sun Life's Wheel of Life campaign, held at Central Square Cinema 1 in BGC last Monday, March 6, 2023.


    When PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) asked about how he manages his earnings, he was quick to say, "I always make sure na I'm protected that's why I don't spend beyond my means.

    "And I guess, it's a big factor that you don't change your lifestyle just because you earn more.


    "It's important for us to give importance to our future, not just para sa sarili natin, para rin sa family."

    The 46-year-old Kapamilya actor pointed out that his low-maintenance lifesyle has made it easier for him to adapt during hard times.

    His money habits are actually pretty simple.

    "I don't necessarily quantify or put a percentage to my spendings.

    "What I do, whatever I earn, I just put it in the bank primarily. And from there, I set aside ten percent for my tithe, then the rest goes to savings.

    "Because I try... As much as possible I don't want to spend on things that are just, you know, the material things or let's say mga luho."


    As a producer, Piolo went on to say that he learned to take risks over the years.

    Together with Erickson Raymundo and Joyce Bernal, he's a co-founder and co-owner of Spring Films, an independent film company that co-produced Kita-Kita, Last Night, Meet Me In St. Gallen, and My Amanda.

    "Mas maraming losses sa production. Hindi ko alam kung bakit ko siya pinasok," Piolo admitted with a smile.

    "With the production, it's really hard. How am I able to cope with that? I guess, just like the wheel of life, you never know.

    "Nowadays, it's a more calculated risk because of the emergence of different platforms.

    "We're happy that we're back on track. But there are years that we just had to take a backseat and just assess for ourselves if what we're doing is still feasible.

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    "But there are still some investors that trust us. We managed to survive."

    He happily noted that Spring Films is coming up with Walang Kaparis, the reunion movie of Empoy Marquez and Alessandra de Rossi, who first teamed up in Kita Kita in 2017.

    Walang Kaparis is showing on March 23, 2023, via Prime Video.

    Piolo added, "Just the same, I guess, marami rin risks in terms of producing. But I guess ang mas importante is your passion, knowing that there are people who believe in your product, just keep on going.

    "You'll never know when you'd hit the jackpot, just like with Kita Kita.

    "Now, because of that, our outfit is able to thrive, and now we have more films lined up.

    "Learning there is to not just be practical, but to also know what you're getting into.

    "And that there are some benefits to it, not just monetary, but also for everyone else para hindi naman lahat lugi."


    This story originally appeared on Pep.ph.

    *Minor edits have been made by the SmartParenting.com.ph editors.

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