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  • Save And Earn Up To 5% Rebates With Security Bank’s Complete Cashback Platinum Card

    It’s hard to beat rising prices even when you’re mindful of how you spend.
Save And Earn Up To 5% Rebates With Security Bank’s Complete Cashback Platinum Card
  • Shopping during sales may be an excellent way to save money, but a consistent trick to get the most bang out for your buck is through rebates. Thankfully, products such as the Complete Cashback Platinum credit card from Security Bank offer rebates on all essential purchases. In addition, cardholders can even enjoy its features and benefits more with the annual fee waived for the first year. 

    Be smart with everyday expenses.

     Every home needs care and maintenance—making sure there’s enough food in the fridge and pantry, replenishing cleaning products, and managing the cost of utilities. Keeping a household in tiptop shape, especially with kids, is crucial. 

     Knowing the prices of food and other supplies is essential whether you’re on a budget or just keeping updates. A credit card that gives you rebates can be your new staple if you want to stay on budget.

    For every grocery run, regardless of how much is spent, cardholders can get 5% in cash back on monthly statements just by using the Complete Cashback Platinum card. That cashback can either help you save more or let you spend more without going over budget. 

     Doing groceries is one thing. Save up on gas when driving to the supermarket by purchasing gas with this card and earn a 4% rebate. That saves you a lot from your full tank amount!

     Complete Cashback Platinum cardholders and their guests are also granted access to the Marhaba Lounge in NAIA Terminals 1 and 3 at a preferential rate. This perk can ease frequent solo or family travelers while waiting for flights. 

    The perks don’t end with groceries, gas, and lounge perks. Using this credit card to pay for utilities such as post-paid telco lines or electricity can give you 3% cashback. Make sure your bills are not enrolled with Security Bank’s Bills Assist program, so your payments are eligible for rebates!

    Eat and shop for less.

     Love eating out? Treat yourself or hang out with your friends and family at your favorite establishments to try out their new menus or get your comfort food fix. A good savings tip is to time your lunch-outs or dinner dates with the restaurants’ special deals to get more for less. Another hack is to use the Complete Cashback Platinum to earn 2% of your bill in cashback! 

    Aside from food, who doesn’t enjoy retail therapy? Going to our favorite stores can be tempting with all the appliances, home décor, or clothes we see on our social media feeds.

    On your next shopping trip, use the Complete Cashback Platinum to get 1% in cash back from your purchases! If you prefer shopping online, lessen your worries with the free Online Purchase Protection feature that provides coverage for wrong, damaged, or incomplete deliveries.

    Security Bank brand ambassador Solenn Heussaff trusts this card for her and her family’s needs. But, like everyone else, she also thinks about groceries, gas, utilities, dining, and shopping expenses.

    “Every time I use my Complete Cashback Platinum, I may not instantly feel the rebates, but then I see the monthly statements and realize just how big the savings are when they’re accumulated,” she shared.

    Curious about how much you can save yearly with Complete Cashback Platinum like Solenn? Check out the cash back calculator and apply for a card through the Security Bank website.

This article is sponsored by Security Bank.