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How to Sell Items Your Baby Has Outgrown Online: 6 Tips We Find Useful
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  • We’ve all be there and done that. You get too excited to welcome your firstborn, and you buy a ton of items, even when you’re not sure he’s going to need it really. You go a bit overboard with branded and expensive, only the best for your precious right? And then a few months into motherhood you realize how fast babies grow, and so your drawers are now filled to the brim with outgrown clothes, shoes and expensive stuff he only got to use once or twice (remember when you kept exclaiming, “But we just bought that!”)

    Now, these baby gear and once-they-were-called essentials are...clutter. Unless you can give these to someone who is having a baby, your next best option is to post them online and sell them. There’s a huge online market for pre-loved or secondhand items these days, from baby clothes, shoes to cribs and toys.

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    Here are a few tried-and-tested selling tips  to capture fellow parents who want to score a bargain for baby and kids’ items.

    1. Clean and inspect

    It’s essential to clean and prep the item before taking photos. Cleaning will take only a few minutes and can drastically add value to a seemingly tattered looking object. While you’re scrubbing and washing, take this opportunity too to inspect it to check for flaws like stains that are hard to remove, damages, peeled parts, or anything that might need repair.

    2. Choose the correct platform

    Numerous sites and apps welcome people who sell pre-loved items. It’s best to read about the description of the groups, and group rules before posting. It’s also best to check their target market (is this group for buyers within Metro Manila only? Is this for baby items only, clothes just, toys only, etc.?), so you’ll know if you are talking to the right people, people who will have use for your item and will really be interested to buy it. 


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    3. Provide ample information about the item

    This is to make sure you won’t have to waste time answering too many queries, and your buyer won’t spend their time sending you their questions. Information like size, color, material, model, variety, etc. should be indicated. If you can, you can also mention the price when you purchased it (be honest because it's easy enough to Google the price if they want to double check) and where you bought it from, the better. 

    Some groups are strict when it comes to posting branded items. Once they spot a seller displaying counterfeit items, they will kick the seller out of the group right away to read the group’s rules before you post. Other information sellers are looking for could be "RFS" or reason for selling. You can indicate ‘decluttering’ and ‘outgrown’ for your kids pre-loved baby items.

    4. Be honest and declare flaws.

    Some buyers will ask for a rating of the condition (i.e., 9/10 for ‘good as new’ or 8/10 if it’s ‘in good condition with a few flaws.’) If you list “no flaws or damage,” make sure your buyer won’t be able to spot one when he or she reviews it after buying.  

    Most sellers don’t just list and indicate flaws; they also take pictures of it to manage the buyer’s expectations. This is to ensure that you won’t have a problem in the long run (dealing with complaints) because the buyer knew beforehand what he or she was getting. Once you’ve listed all flaws, it’s up to the buyer to decide if they can deal with the defect, have the item fixed or pass.

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    5. Pay attention to your posting time.

    Posting time also plays a part in your item’s chances to be sold. Don’t just take photos and post whenever you feel like it. You also have to consider when it will be likely seen by your intended audience. Are they back from work by this time today? Do parents usually scroll through their feed en route to work or going to sleep? 
    If you post in the wee hours of the morning for example, when everyone’s asleep, there’s a chance your item might get buried in other people’s posts in the morning, and buyers won’t be able to see it. Also be aware of the date — many buyers go online to shop before, during, and a day or two after payday when they still have disposable money to spend.

    6. Provide plenty of payment and pick up options

    You need to remember that with online selling you need to make it convenient for them to pay or pick up the item. Sometimes buyers won’t go through with the transaction when they realize that paying and picking up the piece will be too much of a hassle; they would instead go to the mall to purchase a brand new one. List down options like banks they can deposit to (one to two is best, but don’t post your account details), or most sellers include a money padala service which at times can be the most convenient and safest option for buyers and sellers. There are so many branches of these money transfer services that are open even on weekends. 


    Buyers can choose to pick up the item in person so they can see it, or have it picked up and delivered. Some sellers opt to ask buyers to take care of shipping, meaning they include in the ad that it’s the buyer who will have to arrange for the item to be picked up. But if you want to make it more convenient, you can do this for the buyer, and just ask them to add a certain amount for "SF" or shipping fee. There are many shipping, pick-up, and delivery services that will do the job for as low as Php40 for a single pick-up and delivery of a small item (like baby shoes and a few pieces of clothing). 

    When it comes to pre-loved baby items, the old cliché applies “one mama’s trash could be another’s treasure.” You never know a thing you are so tempted to just throw out for the sake of decluttering is what another mama has long been looking for until you post it online.

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