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  • Tipid Tips: How to Save the Earth While Saving Money

    Take a part in saving the environment--and saving some pesos--with these 10 easy yet habit-forming tips.
    by SmartParenting Staff .
  • Ang init! Somehow, this phrase is inching more and more into our daily conversations, heralding that summer has kicked off at full blast. Although the blazing season conjures images of out of town vacations and beach parties for most people, one can not deny that the sudden increase in temperature is posing quite a problem. Global warming is making everyone edgy, and is causing more and more people to take an active role in preserving our planet. What with Earth Hour’s switchoff just last weekend and Earth Day 2010 coming up next month, we’re finding environmental friendliness and increasingly trending topic.

    While there’s nothing we can do at the moment to decrease the sudden temperature surge, we can do our part in being eco-friendly. Seemingly small acts can go a long way when injected into one’s daily routine, such as making a conscientious effort in minimizing waste. Check out FN’s simple list of tips that not only help save the environment, but also cut down costs as a bonus!
    Plastics are made from durable material, and although this can be good for putting all your recently-shopped items in, it also means trash that can linger for hundreds of years.  Do your part in minimizing plastic waste by asking the cashier to forgo plastic bags when you’re buying items that can be easily put inside your bag. Better yet, opt to bring a reusable canvass bag with you whenever you hit the malls, so you have a place to put your stuff in. Also, establishments like Rustan’s Supermarket and SM Malls offer re-usable bags as plastic bag alternatives, and give incentives whenever you use their bags as a bonus.  This spells more savings and less waste contribution whenever we shop, which is a win-win situation for both us and Mother Nature as well. For fun bags you won’t be ashamed to carry around with you, check out ShopCrazy’s article on My Goodie Bag.

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