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  • 15 Babies That Prove You Don't Need to Buy Expensive Toys to Keep Your Baby Entertained

  • There’s a myth that buying three baby toys in a row can make you go bankrupt! They’re that expensive! 

    We’re kidding, of course. But, it is true that toys for babies are way too costly. If toys were used for purely keeping your baby entertained and happy then anyone who buys into clever sales talk is a fool. It’s way too easy to keep a baby entertained. They can be kept merrily laughing away for practically forever with basically anything, like: 

    1. Paper

    Usually it's not a good sign when someone's violently ripping a piece of paper to threads. This baby, however, thinks it's absolutely hilarious. 

    Video from BruBearBaby/Youtube

    2. Dandelions

    We admit, even to us dandelions can be pretty entertaining on a dreary summer afternoon. This baby though takes dandelions to a whole new level.

    Video from Tom Fletcher/Youtube

    3. A spoon

    Even the humble spoon can turn into the best entertainer in the hands of a goofy parent and a giggly baby.

    Video from Rebecca327/Youtube

    4. A dog eating popcorn

    Popcorn usually comes with the entertainment. It's rarely the source of entertainment itself. Unless it's being eaten by a dog, of course. Only then does it become truly hysterical.  

    Video from Kyoot Kids/Youtube

    5. Walking

    That thing that you do that you don't even have to consciously think of doing? That thing where you put one foot in front of another? Yeah, that's funny.

    Video from Jack Frost/Youtube

    6. Rubber bands and a door handle

    Rubber bands and a door handle! Bet you never thought this odd pair could ever be funny. Well, gues what. You were wrong.

    Video from Sebastian Samus/Youtube

    7. Puppies

    This one we agree with. We would laugh too if we were smothered by puppies. 

    Video from pugsnkisses84/Youtube

    8. Golf

    Grown men swinging sticks around to hit a tiny ball on the ground? It is pretty ridiculous if you think about it. It's even funnier if you're just pretending to do it.

    Video from jenorf/Youtube

    9. A dog popping bubbles
    The mom who filmed the video below said her daughter wasn't that impressed with just the bubbles alone. We have the family dog to thank for showing up to pop the bubbles and make everything irresistably funny.

    Video from Jess0rT/Youtube

    10. A coconut
    Have you tried cracking open a coconut in front of your baby? You should, because this baby can't get enough of it.

    Video from Rumble Viral/Youtube


    11. When dad burps
    Weird noises like this dad's burps make for great entertainment. Dads make for great entertainment overall actually.

    Video from BruBearBaby/Youtube

    12. Blowing noses
    It's terrifying at first but when you get past the initial shock it becomes hysterical!

    Video from mandkyeo/Youtube

    13. When dad dances
    This baby knows that dad's a terrible dancer. We're not laughing at you, dad. We're laughing with you.

    Video from Zach Monroe/Youtube

    14. When tricking dad into thinking he's cut you with the nail clippers
    Dads are so gullible! This baby figured that out already.

    Video Muddle Up/Youtube

    15. Basically whenever dad does anything
    Dad is a hoot, especially when he's being goofy and silly. You don't need to buy expensive toys when dad's around. Just ask him to do this for a few hours until the kids' bedtime and you're good to go. 

    Video from Steve Mathias/Youtube

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