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  • #LikeAGirl Campaign Kicks Down Limitations Society Puts on Young Girls

    Can girls be brave? Play basketball? Have muscles? Be sports broadcasters?
  • As parents, how accepting are we when society puts limitations on our daughters? She can’t participate in the wrestling team, be muscular, stand up for herself, be assertive... the list goes on.

    Always brand has found that 72% of girls feel that society limits them, especially during puberty. The #LikeAGirl campaign is out to change that.

    In the latest of its video campaign, director Lauren Greenfield asked girls if anyone has ever told them that they couldn’t do something because they were girls. Every one of the girls answered yes.

    Always then asked the girls to write down what society tells them they shouldn’t be on blank cardboard boxes. Afterwards, the boxes were filled with phrases like, “Girl aren’t strong”, “Can’t be brave”, “Can’t play basketball”, “Can’t be a sports broadcaster” and “Weak”.

    #LikeAGirl campaign


    Photo screengrabbed from youtube.com

    Always told the girls the boxes represent limitations. They then gave them the freedom to do whatever they wanted with the boxes. The boxes were stacked up into pyramids and walls, and then consequently kicked, thrown, punched and knocked down by the girls.

    As parents, how can we help our daughters overcome these obstacles and raise them to be confident and unstoppable? Bella A. Villarin, guidance counselor at the Ateneo de Manila High School, says that parents should become their children's role models.

    “Children model according to what they see. They learn from parents how problems are tackled, decisions are made and values are put to use. How you handle your life will definitely reflect on your children,” says Villarin.

    So go ahead, moms. Show your daughters that girls can play basketball, that girls can have muscles and that girls can be brave. Shoot some hoops with her. Exercise with her if she wants to. And show her that girls can save the day too.

    This story is also on PopSugar.com.

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