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  • 10-year-old Gives Birth in Colombia; Shocks Experts

    Learn the story of one of today’s youngest mothers and the medical complications of her delicate pregnancy.
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    Many were shocked when a few days ago, on March 29, news agencies reported that a 10-year-old had given birth to a 5-pound, 5-ounce baby in Colombia via Caesarean section. Reports say the father has been identified to be 15 years old, while some say he is a 30-year-old man. 

    Because of the new mother’s tender age, her identity has been kept confidential. She hails from the town of Manaure, which is administrated by different local tribes, including the Wayuu tribe in Northern Columbia where she belongs. 

    According to Colombia law, it is a punishable crime for someone to have sexual relations with someone 14 years and below, and offenders are sentenced to at least nine years in prison.

    The police has been investigating the matter, although they have expressed frustration because the Wayuu girl’s community is governed by tribal laws. The girl’s parents have refused interviews because of shame.


    Even the Wayuu tribesmen feel saddened with the news, as they feel that the pregnancy was a result of consensual sex. The parents will be the ones to decide whether the parents of the baby will be married or if the boy’s family will owe the girl’s family in material possessions.

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