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  • 11 Days to Halloween!

    Create finger puppets that can arouse your child’s creativity!

  • finger_puppet__done__CI.jpg  

    You will need

    • Felt or foam sheet
    • Thread
    • Needle
    • Markers
    • Glue
    • Collage materials


    How to make

    1. Trace your pointer finger leaving at least two centimeters allowance on both sides of the felt or foam sheet.
    2. Fold the felt or foam sheet into two and cut according to the traced measurements of your pointer finger. You will now have two identical pieces of felt or foam sheet.
    3. Sew the two pieces together using child-friendly plastic needles, available in craft stores. Should these needles prove elusive to find, sew the two pieces together with the help of an adult. Sew the sides only, leaving the bottom part open.
    4. Use your imagination to create interesting animals: long pointed ears and whiskers for rabbits, colorful wings for a butterfly, a long trunk for an elephant.


    Photography by Miguel Nacianceno


    What animals or crazy creatures are you planning to create for your finger puppets? We’d love to know! Fill up the comment form below.

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