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  • 4 Reasons We Are Loving "Jane The Virgin"

    If you're not watching the show yet, we give the reasons why you should tune in...now!
4 Reasons We Are Loving "Jane The Virgin"
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    We're sure you've heard about the award-winning TV series Jane The Virgin about a girl named Jane, played by Golden Globe-winner Gina Rodriguez. The actress, who is of Puerto Rican descent (she is often mistaken to be part-Filipino), recently won the Young Humanitarian award at Variety’s "Unite4:Humanity," where her work in the We Will Foundation, an organization she founded to support young women, was recognized. 

    In her acceptance speech, Gina talked about her upbringing--her father involved himself with labor unions as a teamster and her mother sacrificed personal luxuries to take care of the extended family--and how it inspired her to give back to the community. "They taught me that being good was a standard that doesn’t need praise or recognition. That the more you help others succeed, you, too, will succeed," she said before dedicating her award to her parents. 

    When Gina visited the Philippines last December, she revealed in an interview with Pep.ph that she is a big fan of Manny Pacquaio and loves adobo. ABS-CBN is currently airing a "Tagalized version" of Jane The Virgin, and its Philippine premiere last March 28 skyrocketed the hashtag #JaneTheVirgin on top of Twitter's trending list. It seems that the Pinoys already have a sweet spot for the show.

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    In Jane The Virgin, Gina's character Jane is a pregnant virgin--and no, it's not an immaculate conception. She is a virgin by choice, but is artificially inseminated by accident. If that bizarre premise does not get you to tune in, here are four more reasons why we love it--and why we think Pinoys will fall in love with the series, too.

    1. It’s a telenovela... well, sort of.
    Jane is an aspiring romance writer, while her father Rogelio just happens to be a big telenovela star. The romance, the scheming, the drama brought about by unexpected plot twists are pretty telenovela-like, but so inconceivable they're hilarious! Something ridiculous or funny is almost always bound to happen. Plus, Pinoys just love telenovelas, don’t we?

    2. The show's women--all three generations of them--are love.
    Jane, her mom Xiomara, and her grandmother Abuela all live under one roof. Their personalities are similar yet so different in many ways. Any woman who’s a mom, daughter, or soon-to-be mom can relate. The writers of the show wrote as characters strong women--nay, real women. Yes, mothers and daughters could learn a thing or two by watching this show.

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    3. Jane portrays motherhood awesome, in a relatable way.
    Jane is a good-natured person, and she tries to do good with the cards she’s been dealt with. Her struggles with the unexpected pregnancy and the demands of impending motherhood are real. Most of the time, she makes good choices, and she executes them so awe-inspiringly (read: not boring). Plus, it’s simply a blast watching Gina Rodriguez bring Jane’s character to life.

    4. Parenting lessons abound.
    Even if you don’t have a baby on the way, or you’re not entangled with murder, drugs or intrigue (did we mention it has crazy-good side plots?) -- heck, even if you’re not considering pregnancy or parenthood in the near future, this show's got a good handle on one of the basic skills you need in life: effective and open communication. That sounded serious. But seriously, it’s fun!

    Watch the trailer here. Catch Jane The Virgin on ABS-CBN on primetime weeknights after The Story of Us


    What other parents are reading

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