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  • 5 Ways on How Kumon Makes Smarter Children

    Learn all about how KUMON makes children better learners.
    by SmartParenting Staff .
  • When you ask your child what his favorite subject in school is, does he say ‘recess’? He may be kidding but it could be true. Kids can get allergic to any talk of school especially their math homework. As a parent, you want your child’s attitude toward studying to be a positive one. There are many after-school programs to choose from but which one could actually make your child blurt out, ‘I like school’?

    A good idea: you can enroll your child at Kumon. The program aims to build confidence, discipline, and improved concentration with good study habits. The program’s features aid in a child’s development so he can achieve his full potential. Here’s how Kumon makes kids better students:


    1. Easy starting point.

    Before enrollment, students take a Diagnostic Test. Students start from a grade level lower than what he is in school right now. He will have to go through each level, studying independently and getting a perfect score. Because he is relearning what he has been taught, he easily masters it. Soon, both the child’s confidence and concentration are improved.


    2. Individualized program.

    A student’s daily workload depends on his ability. He sets his own pace so he is never rushed.  When he’s comfortable with what knowledge he has gained, he can move on to the next challenge. At Kumon, students are motivated to do better. 


    3. Self-learning.

    Kumon materials are designed for a child to learn on their own. Students master a topic one at a time before moving on to the next. After they’re given examples, they’re asked to solve the problems. Self-learning makes them persevere, confident, and independent.


    4. Daily study.

    Kumon worksheets are worked on from 10 to 30 minutes every day.  Yes, there are no holidays but this is actually a good thing. When a child studies daily –even in short bursts—he is able to retain what he learned longer. In the end, not only do students acquire time management skills, they also develop good study habits. 


    5. Advancement.

    Now, a child can study topics beyond his current school grade level. Imagine a Grade 1 student learning fractions or a Grade 5 student doing algebra–you’d be amazed what Kumon students can do! Since a child has mastered math topics and enhanced his abilities and character, he is ready to tackle advanced materials. How cool is that?

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    A kid who is not too fond of school can be turned around. His grades may not be topnotch right now but don't give up on him just yet. With enough encouragement and love, your child might just surprise you.


    For more information on Kumon Philippines, visit their website.

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