• For Your Fashionable Tots: Kids of Bayo Mid-Season Sale

    Get up to 50% off on Kids of Bayo clothes and accessories this July 1-18.
  • Do you have your very own totarazzi in the house? We mean, of course, your fashionable and trendy kids. If you’re constantly on the lookout for stylish pieces and accessories to give him or her that one-of-a-kind look, you might want to visit a Kids of Bayo store from July 1-18 for their mid-season sale to get as much as 50% off on their children’s wear.

    Kids of Bayo sale 

    Kids of Bayo logo


    Kids of Bayo is located in:


    Tel: (02) 901-3593

            (02) 901-3594


    Tel: (02) 892-5717

           (02) 840-3591


    Tel: (02) 792-8213


    Tel: (02) 637-8719

           (02) 635-7443


    Tel: (02) 895-3316

           (02) 895-3317



    For more information, visit www.kidsofbayo.com.ph

    Photos from www.kidsofbayo.com.ph


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