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  • A Fast Food Chain is Offering a Service Parents Everywhere Would Love

    It's called "Mom's Valet" and here's how it works

  • Screengrab from ChickfilaSBC/Youtube

    Have you ever had to go inside a fast food chain with more than one hungry kid in tow? It could be the stuff of nightmares. (And no, we’re not talking about the food, that’s a topic for another day.)

    First there’s the lining up. Adults hate having to wait in line, what more for kids—and hungry kids at that! When you’re finally at the counter, the kids will be yelling their orders all at the same time while you stand there embarrassed that you’re holding up the queue and making a racket. 

    Then there’s actually finding a table, hauling highchairs, squeezing strollers in between tables all while holding a tray of food, wrestling with hungry kids and dealing with your own growling stomach. 

    All this makes us wish there was a Chic-fil-A in the Philippines. Chic-fil-A is offering a service they’re calling the “Mom’s Valet.” 

    Screengrab from ChickfilaSBC/Youtube

    First of all, families won’t have to line up at the counter anymore. The service allows them to take their order through the drive-thru by asking for the Mom’s Valet. While the family parks their car, the Chic-fil-A crew prepares their meals. This entails actually preparing a table for them with all the food, drinks, high chairs and utensils already there. The family enters the restaurant and all they need to do now is enjoy their meal!

    Photo by Mike Mozart/Flickr

    The concept came from an owner of two Chic-fil-As Scott Brickhouse who is a father of four. He started it in his restaurants four years ago and now the service is also already provided by 100 other franchises with 125 more interested in trying it out as well. 

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