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  • A Lush Scent: Lush Gorilla Perfume

    Great perfumes are like works of art. That's why Lush – leader of handmade cosmetics known for its use of few preservatives and fresh products, introduces their new line of memorable, inspiring and delightful Gorilla Perfumes.
  • Gorilla Perfume was formed to showcase the perfumery of Mark (co-founder of Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics) and Simon Constantine (head buyer for Lush and also perfumer). This father and son team, known for their exquisite perfumes, wanted to remind customers how special their fragrances are, and how perfumes are a form of self-expression. Their blends are often deeply influenced by emotions and music. These perfumes are an antidote to boring mass-market scents and a movement to get people excited about good quality fragrances.

    To ignite the revolution, Mark and Simon knew that they had to choose a name that would generate excitement. Taking inspiration from the title of an interview article, they played with the name “The Guerrilla Perfumers.” However, the youngest son of Mark commented that his father was a guerilla perfumer, but his brother Simon was just a gorilla. The father and son wanted a play with the words and with Gorilla Perfume, they knew they found the name they were looking for.

    The limited edition Gorilla Perfume collection, which includes the bestsellers Karma, Imogen Rose, and Lust, are exclusively distributed by Stores Specialists, Inc. (SSI).

    A Lush classic that is retro yet ageless. At first sniff, it has the power to transport you to the era of Bib Boutique, glam rock, and the age of freedom. Hip and hippy-at-heart spend the day feeling like it is a summer afternoon in the 70s with this powerful, spicy and unique blend of patchouli and citrus. This exotic blend has an ever deepening, calming fragrance, which changes as you wear it.  

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