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  • A New Mom Will Drool Over This Hair Dryer

  • Video from Dyson Hair/Youtube

    If you’re constantly sporting a bad hair day from fear that your baby might wake up from the whirring of your hair dryer, rejoice for the holy grail of hair dryers may soon be within reach--for a price, of course. 

    Dyson, the British technology company famous for its vacuum cleaners (many argue it is the gold standard when it comes to that appliance), has "rethought" the noisy handheld hair dryer by applying its famous technology and testing. Called the Dyson Supersonic, it emits “a sound frequency beyond the audible range for humans.” We take that to mean it won't rouse the lightest of sleepers (read: possibly a newborn babay).

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    According to the fellows at Geek, the low noise is achieved by using a rubber isolation mount, which stops the electric motor from vibrating against the casing. At the same time, the 13 impeller blades inside spin up to 110,000rpm, giving ample air movement. 

    Photo from dyson.co.uk

    The new motor is also tinier, lightweight, and said to be up to eight times faster than other hair dryer motors. 

    To further prove that we’re living in the future, Supersonic is also equipped with a microprocessor that allows it to better control the heat of the air it’s producing to protect hair from damage.

    One of Dyson’s most recognized product is its bladeless fan, heaven-sent for moms who have toddlers with curious little fingers. The Supersonic hair dryer doesn’t have any visible blades on it either. Its blades are actually attached to the motor, which is placed in the handle of the machine making it easier to balance when held. It works by sucking air from the base of the dryer and directing it upwards to the head. And, according to Dyson, this technology increases the volume of air drawn into the motor by three, making drying faster.

    Both the fan and the hair dryer use the same aperture-like design where jets of air seem to be coming from nowhere. Amazing!

    Sold yet? As expected, however, a cutting-edge device like this doesn’t come cheap. Dyson has taken the company four years to develop the product at a cost of 71 million (they made 600 prototypes). They’ve also tested it on over 1,000 miles of hair. So you know what's coming--the price tag is a hefty $435 (about P20,000), available for purchase June this year.

    So we ask: what price are you willing to pay for a good hair day and a well-rested baby?

    Source: Dezeen, CNBC 

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