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  • Actress Alyssa Milano Passionately Defends Mothers' Right to Breastfeed in Public to a Talk Show Host

    “I don’t need to see that,” said Wendy Williams, host of TV show 'Wendy'

  • Video from Wendy Williams/Youtube

    American actress Alyssa Milano was all for defending her stance on normalizing breastfeeding, especially in public, to Wendy Williams when she guested on William's chat show Wendy. Commendable, however, was how, more or less, their discussion remained friendly.

    The conversation started off when Williams opened the topic of Milano’s supposedly controversial breastfeeding photo that she posted on Instagram.

    Having already previously posted several other photos of her breastfeeding, Milano, who's most known for the TV shows Charmed and Who's the Boss?, said she was shocked by how “opinionated” people were to “something that’s so incredibly natural.” To which Williams replies almost apologetically, “I’m opinionated.

    Still in a conversational manner, the two challenged each other’s opinions. “What about it upsets you?” asked Milano. “I don’t need to see that,” replied Williams. “I just don’t want to.”

    Then the issue of using a nursing cover came up with Milano asking Williams if she would be willing to eat under a blanket just like how babies would if their moms were shamed for breastfeeding. To which Williams said she would simply nurse her baby in the car garnering her this reaction from Milano.

    Screenrgrab from Wendy Williams/Youtube

    Milano pushed her stance further by questioning why it was more acceptable for Miley Cyrus to come out in public with just suspender straps to cover her nipples. Williams’ argument to this was that women’s bodies are inherently sexualized. 

    “They're more sexual than a feeding thing,” Williams said. “I don't know why I feel this way. I'm a mom also, but you know, breastfeeding is only a particular amount of time. The rest of your life your breasts are sexual things.” 

    “But biologically, they’re not sexual things. That’s what we’ve done to them,” said Milano, adding that for the rest of the world breastfeeding doesn’t warrant a debate.

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    All over the world, you're the not norm,” she said. “You're lucky the baby's not here. I'd whip [my breasts] out right here and feed them on your show,” she said. Here the audience whooped and cheered and Williams jestingly covered her face and exclaimed “I can’t. I can’t.” The heat of the conversation dies out still with smiles on the two women’s faces. 

    Watch the video above to see the full interview. The breastfeeding conversation starts at 3:47. 

    Our society progresses by raising difficult issues, like breastfeeding in public, and questioning how we live every aspect of our lives. Are women’s bodies sexualized to the point where something natural like breastfeeding is shamed on? We have to learn to talk to each other about issues that matter with understanding, sincerity and respect. 

    What’s your breastfeeding stance? Tell us in the comments below. 

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