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  • Aga Muhlach And Charlene Gonzalez Have Bilins For Atasha Attending College In UK

    The couple are officially empty nesters with both kids studying abroad.
    by Nikko Tuazon for Pep.ph .
Aga Muhlach And Charlene Gonzalez Have Bilins For Atasha Attending College In UK
PHOTO BY Instagram/itsmecharleneg
  • Atasha Muhlach is now fulfilling her dream of studying abroad.

    The unica hija of Aga Muhlach and Charlene Gonzalez has left for the U.K., where she will be spending her college years. This was revealed in Aga and Charlene's respective Instagram posts on Monday, September 6, 2021.

    Atasha is currently a sophomore student studying business at a university in Nottingham.

    In her interview with Metro in April 2021, Atasha said she spent her first year in college taking online classes.

    She was initially bound for the U.K. in January 2021, around the same time her twin brother Andres flew to Spain for his college studies.

    However, her plans changed because of a COVID-19 strain that was spreading at that time.

    Aga, Charlene emotional over Atasha's move abroad

    Now that it's Atasha's turn to embark on a new journey, Aga and Charlene can't help but be emotional about her move abroad.

    Charlene penned a touching message for Atasha after sending her off at the airport.


    The beauty queen-actress wrote, "Off to college, my precious daughter.. Atasha [emoji] The time has come for you to physically be on campus as you go off to college today in the UK.

    "Having you with us during the last year in the house while you were studying online was a treat & absolute joy for your dad & I, that we will forever cherish.

    "As you enter into your sophomore year in college. Know that we are truly proud of you & excited for you in your next journey in life."

    This phase is bittersweet for Charlene.

    She said, "As a mom, I’m happy and sad. Happy for the memories you will be making in your college life as you continue to fly & spread your wings but sad because we will be tremendously missing you so much."

    Toward the end of her post, Charlene expressed how much she loves her daughter and will miss her dearly.

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    "Thank you for being the best daughter to your dad & I. Thank you for your sweet gift for your dad & I when we got home.. you always surprise us with sweet gifts, letters or art [emoji]

    "I will miss our girls bonding sessions [emoji] Continue to be kind, God fearing & glorify God in everything you do.

    "Words are not enough to express how proud I am of you.. we are blessed to have you as our daughter. I love you so much & I’m missing you already!!! [emoji] @atashamuhlach"


    For his part, Aga uploaded a video of Charlene's reaction after seeing the sweet surprise their daughter left for them in her room.

    Atasha laid down their Polaroid photos on her bed with a short message saying "love you dad" and "love you mom."

    In the caption of the video, Aga wrote, "@atashamuhlach_ you got us both!!! Kaw talaga! We already miss you ! [emoji] Pls don’t worry about me and your mom. Enjoy your college and independence."

    Aga also had some reminders for his daughter.

    "Continue to be the person that you are. God is with you, ALWAYS! As much as it breaks my heart and your mom’s that both you and Andres will be away for a a long time, pls know in your hearts that we are the happiest for you both.

    "Have fun!! Spread love and kindness! I love you very much my little princess and I will always miss you! Cheers to college life!! [emoji] @aagupy @itsmecharleneg #rocknroll"


    Charlene reposted the video on her Instagram and added, "You have always been so sweet.. your surprise when we got home made me cry!!! [emoji] Missing you already @atashamuhlach_ [emoji]"


    Andres and Atasha graduated from high school in May 2020.


    This story originally appeared on Pep.ph.

    *Minor edits have been made by the SmartParenting.com.ph editors.

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