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  • All Dads Can Relate to Aga Muhlach's Reaction to Atasha Having A Crush

    by Rachel Perez .
All Dads Can Relate to Aga Muhlach's Reaction to Atasha Having A Crush
PHOTO BY @agamuhlach317/Instagram
  • All fathers dread the moment their little princess would tell them about their first crush, or that she’s started dating — moreso now, in the digital age, when teenagers can freely communicate online. Typically, dads don’t want to ever have to think about it, or they'll just scare away the poor guy away.

    We’d like to believe dads today, like actor Aga Muhlach, are more chill about the concept of dating (after the initial shock, that is). The actor, his wife, Charlene Gonzalez, and their twins Atasha and Andres, showed exactly how a father would react to the inevitable news in their recent TV ad for ice cream brand Selecta.

    In the video, Atasha is heard showing her mom something special on her phone, we surmise, by how she sounded. The two ladies were giggling about it when Aga catches them and suspiciously asks, “Ehem! Ano yan?”

    “Nothing, dad!” Atasha replies, typical of any daughter who is hesitant to share topics like these with their fathers.

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    To coax Atasha into telling him “the kwento,” Aga invites his son Andres over ice cream and tease Charlene and Atasha into joining them as well. When they do, Aga presses Atasha into spilling the beans. Atasha pauses in hesitation and looks at her brother. “Sabihin mo na!” he blurts out.

    “Ah, Dad, may boyfriend na’ko,” Atasha says. Everything stops. Aga’s face changes and just stares in shock, perhaps gathering his thoughts and formulating some kind of reply. Before he does, though, Atasha tells him it’s a joke. “Crush lang naman,” she says.


    “Mas gwapo naman ako dyan!” Aga says after he relaxes. You can also hear Charlene comment, “Mukha namang mabango,” as the family laughs together.

    Aga and Charlene had always been protective of their twins, at least from the spotlight of showbiz, during their younger years. Now that they’re just months shy of turning 18, it’s to be expected that talks on crushes, boyfriends and girlfriends have come up. The ad is short and sweet, but very relatable.

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    Contrary to his reaction in the TV ad, Aga says he has come to terms with his kids dating when the time comes. “I’m okay. Na-practice ko na yan,” Aga told Boy Abunda, on his show back in October 2018, when the talk show host asked him what his reaction would be if Atasha tells him she’s in love.

    “Parenthood, kids... life has a way making you understand,” Aga said. “One day, you realize parang, wow, our children are not ours, really. Tagabantay lang talaga tayo sa kanila. Because at some point, may kukuha talaga dyan e, parang nung kinuha ko yung asawa ko sa nanay niya,” he explained.

    The dad of two shared that he had quite a scare years ago when a boy would often visit Atasha at home, and he would sit and talk to them when they’re hanging out. He is curious, though, how he’d react and if there would be a boy who would hold Atasha’s hand, or kiss her in front of him. He might just go full-on old-school father on him.

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    Aga also has his game plan set in case Atasha gets her heart broken. “‘Pag nasaktan siya sa puso, I’m just there. I’m just going to be there to listen,” he shared.

    Aga had been very supportive of whatever makes the twins happy — and yes, even in their love life. “I just want it done the right way, parang I’m still old-school,” Aga stressed. He also told Atasha and Andres to look beyond one's status in life. “Basta maganda ang hangarin, maganda ang pakitungo,” he said, adding that he might even spend for their dates if his heart were true and pure.

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