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  • Alyanna Martinez's Daughter Adalyn Marks Her 6th Month In Style

    The little fashionista and her mom had so many firsts to celebrate!
    by Rachel Perez . Published Jul 23, 2018
Alyanna Martinez's Daughter Adalyn Marks Her 6th Month In Style
PHOTO BY @alyannamartinez/Instagram
  • The stylist to the stars' little fashionista turned six months old on July 19, and new mom Alyanna Martinez took to Instagram to share the many reasons to celebrate her daughter, Adalyn Riley's milestones to date. Alyanna  welcomed her daughter into the world via serene water birth in January. 

    "Our favorite tiny human is half a year old day!  Bittersweet to have her reach a new and exciting stage in babyhood but at the same time saying goodbye to her newborn baby phase is difficult for me to accept because she is growing up way too fast," the new mom wrote on Instagram.

    For starters, Adalyn's first six months of life also marked six full months of exclusive breastfeeding for Alyanna. Look at the little one's adorable milk bath photo shoot with dad, photographer Roy Macam. Sooo cute!

    "We survived with no supplementation, no formula, no 'magic' lactation boosters, no pumping, no bottles and no pacifiers since birth! Just simply nursing on demand and following her hunger cues," Alyanna wrote proudly. 

    Their breastfeeding journey isn't without challenges though. The new mom admitted Adalyn Riley's had an upper lip tie and it was corrected when she was just six weeks old. Alyanna also suffered from clogged ducts twice and had one instance of mastitis. They're currently navigating breastfeeding while teething. 


    "We took it a day at a time and sought out help and support from other Mamas and IBCLC Lactation Consultants, and before we knew it, here we are! Now on to our next goal of one year and beyond!" Alyanna added. 

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    Second, since Adalyn Riley is already six months old, she's had her first solid meal via baby-led weaning (BLW). Also known as baby-led eating and child-led feeding, BLW is a way of introducing solid foods which allow babies to feed themselves using their hands (no spoon feeding) and no purées—just fist-size chunks of food. 

    "This must have been quite an experience for her having only had breast milk her entire life," Alyanna wrote. "I wonder what she was thinking while sucking the life out of that juicy grass-fed beef steak?" the new mom added. 

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    Adalyn's first solid meal is homemade grass-fed beef bone broth. It's also her first time to have a taste of water. In her Instagram Stories, Alyanna also got her daughter some organic chicken and seafood from Whole Foods. 

    As part of her sixth-month day activities, Adalyn also had a wellness checkup with her homeopathic and naturopathic pediatrician. She also had her first swim in the pool and first ride in the car with a front-facing car seat!

    Happy six months, Adalyn! 

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