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  • Andi Eigenmann's Postpartum Pouch Is Almost Gone After Only 8 Weeks

    Two months after giving birth, she’s excited to go back surfing! Her family, even Lilo, has settled in nicely in Siargao.
    by Rachel Perez .
Andi Eigenmann's Postpartum Pouch Is Almost Gone After Only 8 Weeks
PHOTO BY @andieigengirl/Instagram
  • Two months after giving birth to her second daughter Lilo Alipayo, Andi Eigenmann shows off her almost-gone postpartum pouch and a visibly slimmer body. She has been documenting her post-C-section body since Day 1.

    Some people asked via Instagram Stories what she did to lose weight. Andi said it’s misleading to say “lumiit agad” as the uterus naturally shrinks back to its normal size a few weeks after birth. “If there’s a remaining bulge, that will be the extra weight that you gained during pregnancy,” she said, and “can only be lost with proper exercise and a healthy diet,” the mom of two explained.

    Proper exercise for Andi means gym workouts when she’s in Manila, and at eight weeks postpartum, she’s so excited to finally get back to surfing. When she was still six months pregnant, she surfed — with permission from her doctor and supervision of her partner, Philmar Alipayo, who is a professional surfer.

    Andi's postpartum pouch is almost gone!
    PHOTO BY screenshot from @andieigengirl/Instagram Stories

    Along with the “right amount of exercise a human being needs,” the holistic, island-living, surfer mama shared that they try to eat healthy in their household. They avoid processed foods, bad carbs, and unnecessary sugar. They had also cut down on meat, except for her firstborn daughter Ellie Eigenmann.

    Andi shared her healthy diet plan: no processed foods, bad carbs, and cut down on meat.
    PHOTO BY screenshot from @andieigengirl/Instagram Stories
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    Keeping a healthy diet is the reason she had to veer away from lactation treats. “As much as I loved all these lactation treats, I had to stop because they are high in sugar,” Andi said. “So water, water, water is the way to go!” she added. Andi also always makes it a point to eat superfoods to help sustain her breast milk supply. These include spinach, oatmeal, brown rice, fenugreek, spirulina, dates, and more. “Hindi lang malunggay,” she said.

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    Andi has been direct-latching Lilo to nurse until the seventh week postpartum when she started using a breast pump to express her breast milk. “I still have her latch directly but been pumping as well every morning since then,” she shared.

    Malunggay is not the only food nursing moms can consume to support breast milk production, Andi says.
    PHOTO BY screenshots from @andieigengirl/Instagram Stories

    Her family’s home is indeed back on the island

    Lilo was only three and a half weeks old when they flew home to Siargao. Andi and her daughters travel back to Manila every now and then for Ellie’s school (and to see her dad, Jake Ejercito) and Lilo’s well-baby checkups and vaccinations, but they have all settled in nicely in Siargao.


    Ellie took to the island life quite quickly, which was one of the things that gave Andi the confidence to start anew and build a life in Siargao. The 8-year-old now understands Bisaya and is learning the dialect more and more each day, as Ellie spends time playing with her many new friends. “She’s enthusiastic about it. Sometimes she tries to speak it but still shy,” Andi shared.

    Andi says Ellie may have more friends on the island than she!
    PHOTO BY screenshot from @andieigengirl/Instagram Stories
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    “Lilo loves making siesta under the coconut trees,” the mom of two shared, adding that the morning sun and fresh air is so good for babies. Andi enjoys taking Lilo for walks at the beach in the mornings and plans to start her on swimming lessons at 18 months. Whether her baby will eventually take up surfing depends on Lilo herself and his dad who’s also a surf teacher, Andi said.

    Lilo loves making siesta under the coconut trees!
    PHOTO BY screenshot from @andieigengirl/Instagram Stories

    Andi also shared that they don’t have a kasambahay as they do all the chores themselves. “I am so lucky my partner is good with kids. He helped me adjust because, no, we don’t have a yaya,” Andi said, admitting she was scared at first. When she had Ellie, not only did she have her mom with her after giving birth, but she also had a nurse and yaya.


    “But that’s exactly one of the things I love about this life I chose. I feel [I’ve] become a better person as I take full responsibility in taking care of everything that gives me life — this very planet that we walk on, mother nature, and my family,” she added.

    Andi is taking full responsibility of "everything that gives her life" — mother nature and her family.
    PHOTO BY screenshot from @andieigengirl/Instagram Stories

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