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  • LOOK: Andi Eigenmann Bares It All For 21-week Baby Bump Pic!

    by Rachel Perez .
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  • Andi Eigenmann bares it all for 21-week baby bump pic

    Soon-to-be mom of two Andi Eigenmann honored her body's new curves by baring it all at 21 weeks pregnant, a photo of which was posted yesterday, March 18.

    "Having a baby live inside you is one of the most profound definitions of art in human form," the 28-year-old wrote as a caption. Andi has been a role model to 7-year-old daughter Ellie on loving oneself and embracing all kinds of beauty.

    It's been quite a transformation for Andi, who has vowed to have a healthier second pregnancy compared to her first seven years ago. She hit the gym for the first time as a pregnant woman, and has been doing light cardio and arm toning exercises. She's also back in her element, doing what she loves best — swimming!

    PHOTO BY @andieigengirl/Instagram Stories

    "I realized I am more motivated to get my butt up and exercise when I am not forced to do so," Andi noted in one of her Instagram Stories, so while she continues to work out with Ellie and boyfriend Philmar Alipayo, she has stopped counting the times she has had to reset. Go for it anyway, Andi!

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    Nadine Samonte is home from hospital after premature contractions

    Actress Nadine Samonte was rushed to the hospital after experiencing contractions on Wednesday, March 13. Only 29 weeks pregnant, her contractions were alarming as they were five minutes apart. At the hospital, she was given medication and thankfully, her contractions stopped.

    "I know we can survive this journey again," Nadine wrote on Instagram. "Together we will fight this Titus just hold on Mommy got you," she added, revealing that she and husband Richard Chua are expecting a baby boy and that they've chosen a name. Nadine and Richard are already parents to 2-year-old daughter Heather Sloane.

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    Nadine had previously opened up about suffering from Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome (APAS) during her first pregnancy, and now in her second. "No signs of anything. Negative lahat ng results. It's just APAS talaga... biglaan lahat," she added.

    Today, March 18, Nadine was sent home from the hospital but has been put on strict bed rest by her doctor. "Thank you, my Lord. Thank you for healing me and never leaving me," she wrote on Instagram, also thanking everyone who prayed for her and her unborn baby's safety.

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    Rona Tai recounts bout with preeclampsia; explains cross-eye


    When Rona Tai was admitted to the hospital at 34 weeks pregnant, she was having contractions. She also had chronic hypertension, which led to her experiencing the pregnancy complication called preeclampsia, or high blood pressure during pregnancy.

    "I lost partial movement on my left eye due to preeclampsia," Rona recounted. "I didn’t know it was crossed eyed when it started. I just thought I’m experiencing vertigo two days before I was admitted into the hospital," the new mom shared why she had a patch on her left eye days before she gave birth to her son, Legend.

    Rona’s case has only been reported 9 times in the entire world, says Rona's husband Eric. Rona explaind in her post, "The neurologist and ophthalmologist concluded and found that a small muscle that controls one of the eye movement had little to no blood flow due to preeclampsia, hence for it being weakened," Rona explained.


    Her crossed eyes were what made the doctors decide to perform the emergency C-section on Rona. "Had we waited for him to come to full term, we may not have a son today due to his true knot cord (umbilical cord tied in a sailor’s knot) that could’ve cut his nutrients and air supply overtime," Rona said. Until now, the new mom is still a bit cross-eyed, and only time can cure it.

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    Marian Rivera on maternity leave; proud of Ate Zia's new award!

    The preggo mom and actress is officially on maternity leave, and Dingdong Dantes takes over her hosting duties. Marian Rivera officially welcomed her husband to the Tadhana family with a surprise. Watch the video, uploaded on The Dantes Squad YouTube channel, below.

    As she awaits the arrival of her second baby — a boy, this time — Marian is spending more time with her 3-year-old daughter Zia who recently received a certificate of recognition in school. She was awarded a certificate for Vast Vocabulary for her "exceptional conversational and speaking skill."


    "So proud of you Ate Z!" Marian shared on Instagram. She also noted that she may already have a "dalaginding," and quipped that Zia should teach her speaking skills. Congratulations, Zia!

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    Bill seeks to include OFW spouses in 'solo parent' law benefits

    Spouses of "low and semiskilled" overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) who are working abroad for more than a year may soon get benefits should the new Senate Bill No. 1936 become law, Inq.net has reported. Senator Risa Hontiveros, the author of the bill, proposes that spouses of these OFWs be entitled to the similar benefits received by senior citizens and persons with disabilities (PWDs). Senate Bill No. 1936 is a proposed amendment to the Solo Parents Welfare Act of 2000 or Republic Act No. 8972.

    The benefits include a 20-percent discount on medicines, vaccines, health supplements and other medical needs of their kids under 18 years old, as well as hospital expenses, medical consultations, and laboratory fees. It would also provide kids of spouses of OFWs discounts in "private and public recreational services." 

    The bill also proposes that public and private schools give these solo parents a 20-percent discount on their kids' tuition from preschool to college. It may also give them the provision for a reduced real estate or inheritance tax, and a  Php50,000 personal tax exemption from the individual income tax.

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