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  • Andi Eigenmann Back To Pre-Pregnant Weight; Still Addressing Diastasis Recti

    by Rachel Perez .
Andi Eigenmann Back To Pre-Pregnant Weight; Still Addressing Diastasis Recti
PHOTO BY screenshot from @andieigengirl/Instagram Stories
  • It's been six months since Andi Eigenmann welcomed her second baby, Lilo Alipayo, and the mom of two (she also 8-year-old daughter Ellie Eigenmman) is back at her pre-pregnant weight.

    "I'm now 125 pounds," Andi said in a series of Instagram Stories over the weekend. "I only lost 10 pounds since November. You know why? Because I'm not relying on the scale," she said, adding that she weighed the same pounds before she got pregnant.

    Though Andi has slimmed down to her weight before she got pregnant, she still wears size 4 clothes and not size 2 clothes as she did then. "Now, I am a size 4, which is honestly my size forever. Like that's my average size," Andi said. She wants to get back to a size 2, but she's not forcing it.

    Look! Andi Eigenmann is back to her pre-pregnancy weight.
    PHOTO BY screenshot @andieigenman/Instagram Stories

    "My goal is to just look my best and feel my best, you know? Become my fittest," Andi said. It's exactly what she has been feeling even before she reached her pre-pregnancy weight.


    "I've been looking and feeling as fit already as I was before gaining any pregnancy weight, but I'm not there yet. I'm just showing you guys that it's possible," the mom of two shared.

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    Andis still has a postpartum pouch, and it's because she has diastasis recti

    While Andi had slimmed down to her pre-pregnancy weight, there still much work to be done, like addressing to improve her postpartum pouch.

    Andi is still working to improve her postpartum pouch, doing pilates to address her diastasis recti.
    PHOTO BY screenshot from @andieigengirl/Instagram Stories
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    The surfer momma admitted she has diastasis recti or separation of the abdominals. It's a condition that causes the belly to stick out because the space between the left and right belly muscles has widened or stretched due to pregnancy. Celebrity moms Michelle Madrigal and Sitti Navarro also revealed being diagnosed with it after childbirth.

    A woman's diastasis recti, or how far the gap between a woman's the ab muscles, largely depends on how far the ab muscles have been stretched during pregnancy. Typically, women who carry big or gain more weight are more likely to have it. Diastasis recti is also more common in women who have twins or have been pregnant more than once. (CLick here to know more about diastasis recti.)

    Andi Eigenmann shared her postpartum body back in November 2019. She had lost 10 pounds since then!
    PHOTO BY screenshot from @andieigengirl/Instagram Stories

    Specific exercises may worsen diastasis recti or further expand further the gap between one's ab muscles instead of closing them. It's best to consult with a postnatal fitness specialist before starting your postpartum workout routine. Andi is doing Pilates at One Life Studio to help "improve" her diastasis recti, and she highly recommends it.

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    Women should have a postpartum fitness recovery plan tailored for their own goals.

    Andi believes that a healthy eating lifestyle is crucial to moms' postpartum fitness recovery. "It's not like a diet na, parang, 'Oh, I'm gonna do this for a week para I lose weight' or reach a certain goal," she explained. Andi eats as clean as she can, avoiding processed foods, foods with trans fat or MSG, and artificial sugar.

    Apart from doing Pilates to address diastasis recti, the surfer mama has also been exercising, doing yoga, and swimming to keep fit. Still, Andi reminded new moms to have their postpartum workout routine tailored for them and not just copy what she does.

    "You have to exercise and come up with a workout routine that works best for you... Don't just copy what I'm doing," Andi stressed. "To reach the goal, you have to know what's best for you," she added.


    What Andi does recommend is to have a strong support, which she has with partner Philmar Alipayo, who has been crucial to her postpartum fitness. "Find yourselves a man who motivates you to not be lazy, to go after your goals," she said.

    For more aerticle on postpartum recovery, click here.

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