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  • Anong Nanay Meron Ka? You Only Need Seconds To Find Out

    Induce laughs and “aww”s by trying this!
Anong Nanay Meron Ka? You Only Need Seconds To Find Out
  • Parenting isn’t one-size-fits-all. Experts have determined different parenting styles — yet, even then, it’s still not exactly the same for everyone. A mother’s personality, partnered with her children’s needs, will help shape her style even further.

    Despite these differences, one thing stands true: For moms, their kids will always come first.

    No matter what their approach to parenting is, they always do it with their children’s best interests at heart. And that is perfectly okay.

    In recognition of the unconditional love and selfless sacrifices of moms everywhere, Goldilocks has declared May to be Mother’s Month. A special, fitting tribute to every child’s first hero and friend who willingly places her children and their needs above herself.

    As part of this celebration, Goldilocks launched a fun Instagram filter designed to “reveal” your mother’s personality. Aptly named “Anong Nanay Meron Ka?”, the filter banks on nostalgia and provides hilariously phrased yet relatable descriptions such as “sweet pero strict,” “makulit pero maalaga,” “matagal mag-goodbye sa mga kumare,” and more.

    Try it now with your mom (or even with your own kids!) as a bonding activity and induce laughter and “aww”s from everyone!

    Click this link to try the "Anong Nanay Meron Ka?" filter on your smartphone. Follow Goldilocks on Facebook for more information.

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