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  • Assunta de Rossi: 'Had I Given Birth In 2002, We Would Have Had A Debutante By Now'

    The actress got married in 2002 and became a mother in 2020.
    by Jocelyn Valle .
  • Assunta de Rossi couldn’t help feeling nostalgic as she shared a photo of her and her husband Jules Ledesma’s first child, Fiore, in marking the day they got married. 

    The couple exchanged vows in a civil ceremony held on December 14, 2002 in Jules’s hometown of San Carlos, Negros Occidental, which he also represented in Congress. They had their church wedding two years later, on March 14, 2004, at the Sanctuario de San Antonio in Forbes Park, Makati City. 

    “Today is our 18th anniversary,” the actress wrote in the caption of her Instagram post. “Had I given birth in 2002, we would have had a debutante by now. Well, here she is. She arrived late, our little chick.”

    Needless to say, Baby Fiore (short for Giulia Fiorentina Alessandra Schiavone Ledesma) is worth the long wait. Her arrival is nothing short of a miracle. (Read the story here.) 

    Since Assunta gave birth last October 23, 2020, she and Jules have been in awe of their long-awaited child. They also let their social media followers in the latest development in Baby Fiore’s life so far. Among the first to comment are Assunta’s sister and fellow actress Alessandra de Rossi, and their mother Nenita Schiavone.


    In one post, Assunta shared what she called a fun fact: “Fiore was born 2 weeks earlier than the estimated due date, Nov. 5.” 

    The new mom explained the baby has the same astrological sign, Scorpio, and Chinese zodiac, Rat, as the baby’s Kuya Carlo. Carlo Ledesma is the younger of two children of Jules with his late wife. He was born on November 9, just 5 days before his dearly departed mom’s birthday. The older sibling is Cristina Ledesma.

    “Her Manang Cristina naman,” Assunta added, “shares the same birthday as her dad, who, by the way, is a Rat, too, so both are Leos. So there’s 3 rats, 2 scorpions, and 2 lions. Why am I outnumbered?”

    Born on February 26, 1983, the year of the pig, Assunta’s sign is Pisces.

    Alessandra, who’s known for her humor and candor, then commented, “Don’t worry! I’m a rat!!! Let me handle it! Basta ilagay mo ako sa bank account. I miss you, Fiore!!! Your mother…Okay lang.” 

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    In another post, Assunta reported having gone to Baby Fiore’s second visit to the pediatrician. She was ecstatic that the little girl gained almost 1 kg and noted that the newborn’s double chin showed the weight gained.

    She pointed out, “Halata naman sa babaji!”

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