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  • Babies Born Under These Two Signs May Be More Successful in Life

    This theory says your baby will be successful and wealthier if he was born on these months.
Babies Born Under These Two Signs May Be More Successful in Life
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    We've all heard well-meaning tips and advice on how to raise our kids to become good members of society and successful adults in the future. We do everything in our power to give our kids a shot to excel. But what if it turns out that success all boils down to the date when your child was born? Check this out.

    British website Gocompare, which houses online tools for comparing insurance rates, found a common denominator among those in Forbes' list of the world's wealthiest people over the past 20 years: they are all born early in the year--between January and February, to be a bit more precise. 

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    Now before you dismiss it as just a rehash of how zodiac signs work, Bill Murphy, Jr., executive editor of TheMid.com, has a theory worth looking into.

    Gocompare analyzed the Forbes list according to the richest people's birthdays, and found that 22.5 percent were either born between December 22 and February 28, falling under the Aquarius or Capricorn signs. Murphy thought the theory was similar to how the bestselling book Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell discussed why Canada’s successful hockey players have early birthdays in the year.

    "It's at least plausible that children under the signs of Aquarius or Capricorn are more likely to be slightly older than their school year peers. It's not a stretch to conclude that maybe something similar to the hockey players happens. They're born earlier, so they're a little more mature. They're treated like leaders. Things might come to them a little easier in school, on average--just because they've had more time to grow up than their schoolmates," Murphy explains.

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    It does make sense, but, still, it's just a theory. There is the nature and nurture aspect of shaping and molding our kids to be better and successful individuals, and that certainly has nothing to do with one's birthday. But if you want to take a shot at the theory, count back nine months. Between now and May, you should be getting busy under the sheets. 

    What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

    Source: Inc.com

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