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  • It is any parent’s dream to have a sleep-filled night. Babies, as we know, largely sleep throughout the day, but it is difficult to easily get them into a sleep schedule that lets moms get enough zzzs to recharge for the next day. Parents, of course, want their children to sleep soundly and for longer hours. Through the “Johnson's Baby Bedtime Discoveries: Bedtime A to Zzzs” event, mommy bloggers learned how practicing an appropriate bedtime routine is beneficial for both baby and mommy. 

    Sleep is important for baby because it promotes the following:
    1. GrowthImmune system

    2. Learning and memory

    3. Health of cardiovascular system

    4. Hormonal Function –Insulin resistance

    5. Body metabolism 
    Take It From The Experts

    Dr. Luis Rivera of the Philippine Society of Sleep Medicine took the mommy bloggers through several studies which Johnson's Baby conducted to learn how to help babies sleep longer and more peacefully, through a combination of product usage and routine. They shared that there are 3 important components to achieve an effective baby bedtime routine:  
    1. A warm bath
    2. A soothing massage
    3. Some quiet time
    Showing Moms How It’s Done

    To give the mommy bloggers a clearer idea of what exactly the research meant, they demonstrated the ideal baby bedtime routine. Here are some tips:
    -Moms should check the bath water’s temperature first if it’s not too hot or too cold for baby. How? By simply using her elbow to touch the water and gauging if it’s safe enough already for baby.
    -A simple touch can do so much to express just how much you love your baby. Try the “I Love You” massage, where you simply use the shapes of the letters “I,” “L,” and “U” when soothing baby’s belly. Check out this video on how to do it on your baby.DSC_0893_CI.jpg
    -Once baby’s all washed up, take this time to calm and set him off to dreamland by doing quiet activities like talking to him, singing him a lullaby or reading him a story. Not only will he love being near to you, he will also love the sound of your voice. 


    3 Tips to Peaceful Family and Baby Bedtime
    1. Make sufficient sleep a family priority.

    2. Learn to recognize sleep problems.

    3. Talk to your baby’s doctor about sleep.

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