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  • Salon Offers Hairstyling Lessons for Dads with Daughters

    Beer and Braids offers dads one-one-one sessions with hairstylists
    Published Jul 11, 2015
  • Beer and Braids

    Photo Source: yahoo.com

    Dads can come up with some of the most ingenious ways to do their daughter’s hair.Take the vacuum-ponytail technique for example; fast, easy and requires no special skills.

    But what does a dad do when one morning, while getting ready for school, his daughter tells him she wants to wear her hair in braids instead? Not to worry, there’s still hope. One class at the Beer and Braids will have any dad doing braids, buns and plaits like a pro. The story was reported by Yahoo Parenting.

    Beer and Braids is an event held every few months at the Envogue Salon. They started offering the service February of this year and has since helped numerous daughters sport spot-on hairdos by teaching their dads the difference between a barrette and a scrunchy.

    On Beer and Braids day, the salon closes up shop early for the day and opens its doors instead for six dads and their daughters. Every father gets a one-on-one session with a hairstylist to learn about brushing, parting, braiding and accessorizing hair.

    “Each dad learns hands-on how to do three different hairstyles, which we break down step by step and then let them try it on their daughters,” Calli Huebl-Bodilis, Envogue Salon owner, told Yahoo Parenting.

    Beer and Braids

    Photo Source: yahoo.com

    So where does the beer come in? After the two-hour session, the daughters model their dads’ handiwork and the best one wins the dad a six-pack.

    Young dads, old dads, new dads, experienced dads -- all are welcome to join. And yes, a lot do.

    Beer and Braids and the Envogue Salon are found in Denver, Colorado in the U.S. Don’t you wish we had a salon offering Beer and Braids here in the Philippines too?

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