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  • Behind the Scenes: Fab and Fit Momma Ina and Her 5 Kids

    They said it couldn't be done, but she did it!
  • Ina Raymundo

    You'd think that with five kids -- two middle-schoolers, one grade-schooler, one kindergartner, and one playschooler -- Ina Raymundo would be all over the place, pacifying one child just as another is begging for her attention -- but no. If there's such a thing as a chill pill, Ina must have lots of them.


    "You really need routine in your life," she says. Being disciplined, and lots of planning ahead, is how this mom makes it work. 

    Take a look at what transpired during our cover shoot with Ina, Erika, Jakob, Miki, Anika, and Minka. Click 'View slideshow' to see the photos!

    Photos by Majoy Siason

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