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  • Behind the Scenes of our July Cover Shoot with Lucy, Richard and Julianna

    In a rare instance, the picture-perfect Gomez family graces our July cover.
  • Graceful, soft-spoken, and always perfectly-poised – Lucy Torres-Gomez never seems to break into a sweat even under the most difficult circumstances. No wonder so many women, moms and singletons alike, look up to her!

    As we discovered during our cover shoot, Lucy is the same on- and off-screen, but add ‘down-to-earth’ to those adjectives - she's just as human as the rest of us! Take a look at her answers below, to know what we mean.

    Husband Richard and daughter Juliana - an inseparable duo - join Lucy in this month's cover.

    Click 'View Gallery' to see exclusive behind-the-scenes photos.

    Take a peek at what's inside the magazine by clicking here.

    Lucy's thoughts


    Photos by Niki Gonzaga

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