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Probinsya Life Na Si Bettinna Carlos And Family: 'Nasanay Ako Sa Condo For Many Years'
PHOTO BY Instagram/Bettinna Carlos
  • Bettinna Carlos, 33, is discovering the joys of simple living in the province for three weeks now together with her family—husband Mikki Eduardo, daughter Gummy, and their companion Marife Jongaya.

    The family has moved temporarily into the province.

    Having lived in a condo for many years, Bettinna said in her recent post it took a while for them to adjust to a life away from the city.

    On April 10, 2021, the former actress-host showed their home in the province and wrote, "As we move into a new house albeit temporary, I had fears on our security and protection—yung gate mababa, manipis.

    "Ang neighborhood, malaki, malawak bukas... in our old house kasi 3x kami naakyat bahay kahit mataas bakod at may bubog pa! Hehe hence my fear siguro at nasanay din ako sa condo for many years.

    "Yung layers of protection non-guard house, lobby guard, swipe card bago main door.

    "(Siguro normal to sa solo parent for 10 yrs? I had to remember I now have a husband whose job is to protect his family and above all we have a Perfect Heavenly Father who is almighty to protect and watch over us).

    "I also had to remember the reason why we chose this house in this area. There is more space to breathe and move for everyone including the dogs and for our little girl to explore nature-ang mga puno prutas at hayop (kambing at manok na nangagkalat) and enjoy kalye play like we did growing up.

    "Most of all, I had to remember that my husband chose this place for us as the Lord has lead him to. I trust that my husband always has our best at heart. He thinks. He prays. He listens to God. He is wise. (I love you, Love @mikki.eduardo)."


    Bettinna then offered a prayer for her family to bloom where they are planted at this point in their lives.

    Her heartwarming prayer read: "In the same way that You Lord have protected us physically and preserved our health to this day, I trust You to keep us safe in this new space.

    "I surrender all my fears to you. Like a snare or trap they tend to immobilize and paralyze. That is not Your will for your children. Allow us to enjoy what we have while trusting You to protect us. Besides Your eyes run to and fro the earth and You are sovereign.

    "You allowed us to get this place. You are planting us here for now, allow us to blossom. You are sovereign God. You know what youre doing.

    "Whatever You allow is always in accordance to your good plan and purpose for our lives-yes, including sickness and danger should there be...

    "Thank you Lord for Your Peace and Promise of Protection. Love you Papa God. Excited to experience You here!"

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    Back to basics

    On her latest Instagram post this Sunday, April 18, Bettinna showed a video of her boiling water in a kettle instead of the portable water heater.

    She has gone back to the basics, "Gasul kalan. Poso. Timba at tabo. Sampayan sa garahe (at kita ng kapitbahay ang sinampay.)

    "Takure... (baka bumili na rin ako ng thermos na de-pump or de salin. Old school)

    "At marami pang iba na pwedeng dito lang mayroon o karaniwan dito. Albatross kaysa diffuser. Katol kaysa off lotion. Luffa...

    "Theyre all new to me and different but not necessarily bad. Not a downgrade, just what this place has.

    "And you know Im not only enjoying, Im embracing it. This. Now."

    She did point out she could have made things easier by having her stuff in Manila delivered to their home in the province.

    But, no, and cheerily wrote, "The more simple and the more basic our things and way of life is now, the more I realize I have been living in excess.

    "Kaya naman pala ng ganito kapayak... and infact mas masaya kami. Mas masaya ako.

    "Salamat Panginoon. You teach us spiritual things through our physical world."


    This story originally appeared on Pep.ph.

    *Minor edits have been made by the SmartParenting.com.ph editors.

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