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  • Beyonce Praised for Breastfeeding Blue Ivy in Public

    Breastfeeding advocates hope Beyonce’s example will encourage moms to not be afraid to nurse in public.
  • BeyonceWhen new celebrity mom Beyonce nursed her 7-week baby Blue Ivy in public while at the New York restaurant Ambroeus with husband Jay-Z this week, “lactivists” (breastfeeding advocates) lauded the singer for her daring move. 

    According to an article on time.com, African-American women have notably lower breastfeeding rates (54 percent) than Caucasian mothers (74 percent).


    In January, one Georgia mom’s experience of being harassed in a Target store for breastfeeding rallied the support of thousands, resulting in an organized “nurse-in”, where moms gathered in Target stores across America and breastfeed simultaneously.

    Said one mother, who was part of the breastfeeding movement, ““This is our right … actually, our children’s right. Most of us do get glares, we get looks, or we get sighs and we’re tired of it. This is just kind of a way to rally all of the moms together to tell Georgia that we need to implement new changes into our Georgia law.” 

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    With big stars like Beyonce casually breastfeeding in public, moms may be inspired and encouraged to not feel abashed to nurse in public as well. Says Emma Kwasnica, childbirth and breastfeeding educator, “I think Beyonce has a huge impact on being able to re-normalize breastfeeding and give women confidence to do the same. Images of pop stars and celebrities giving their babies nourishment will never harm our cause.”



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