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  • Bianca Gonzalez Reflects on Moms' Night Out With Mariel and Toni

    Plus, Patty Laurel reveals gender of second baby, Regine Angeles talks about giving birth, and more!
  • Bianca Gonzalez goes on a moms' night out with Mariel and Toni

    After a long while, the Pinoy Big Brother co-hosts finally found the time for a moms' night out -- just in time to catch the last full show of Toni's new movie, Last Night. Bianca recalled how surprised but happy their husbands reacted when they said they were going out at 10.pm. At 10 p.m. "every single night, if not at work, we are looking after our babies. That, or trying to rest or relax after a long day of taking care of our babies. But this night was different," Bianca wrote. "Last full show was the best time for all of us, because this time at night, when the whole house is beginning to sleep, that is when we have our 'me time," she added. They were the last ones to leave the cinema, and ended up talking until 2:30 a.m. 


    "It felt exactly like ten years ago when we would go out all together, only this time, we've all grown up," the mom of one added. They were no longer talking about shopping or broken hearts, but "about our babies, how hard it is to be a mother, how sarap it is to be a mother, how we feel nagkukulang kami sa mga anak namin, sa mga asawa namin, our mistakes, our nababaliw moments especially during the first few months, and how time flies when they turn 1," Bianca wrote. 

    She also noted that as friends, she, Mariel and Toni share the same values but have different styles of raising their kids, agreeing that motherhood is "to each her own." "It felt exactly like ten years ago, only this time, we live our lives not just for ourselves, but for our husbands and children," she ended her post. (abs-cbn.com)

    It's going to be a baby girl for Patty Laurel-Filart's second

    watch now

    The Filarts had a little gender reveal celebration -- and it's official: they're expecting a baby girl! "Thank you, Lord, for our healthy Baby #2!!! We can't wait to meet you in April!" Patty wrote on her Instagram post. At the Smart Parenting Mom All About Baby Workshop held last month, Patty shared that she and husband Patrick have been praying for a second baby since their son Theo turned two in July.


    Patty may have had a tricky first trimester, but thanked Patrick for being very helpful and supportive. She said she's experiencing now that each pregnancy is indeed different. In her gender reveal video, her son Theo didn't seem as thrilled as his grandparents to learn that he's going to have a baby sister, but that's okay. He has time to adjust to his new role! 


    Regine Angeles on baby's arrival: "He will come out when he's ready"

    The new mom was already 40 weeks pregnant before she gave birth, and by then their family and friends had been wondering when she would give birth. "As a first-time mom, I was very anxious and excited for him to come out, Regine told Pep.ph. What added to the pressure was that many of the celebrities with the same due date, like Erika Padilla, Steff Prescott, and Camille Prats, had already given birth."But then, I kept on reminding myself that he will come out at his own pace and when he's ready," Regine said. 


    When D-day came, she and husband Van Victor Leano were fully prepared. Regine was able to put on a bit of makeup (for the pictures), and after only one-and-a-half hours in the labor room, their baby was born at around 11 p.m. "I cried when I first saw him. It was really a wonderful feeling to finally see him in the flesh and to hold him close to me," Regine wrote on Facebook. (pep.ph)


    Michelle Madrigal shares the reason behind daughter's name 

    Just a few more weeks now and Michelle will meet Anika! The 35-week pregnant actress is one excited mom-to-beas she and fiance Troy Woolfolk already had a baby shower to celebrate the arrival of their baby daughter and welcome them to parenthood. She shared on Instagram that the name they've chosen or their first baby means grace, favor, brilliance, and sweet face. "You and I are gonna have so much fun together," Michelle wrote. "[I] promise to be your best friend, confidant & everything in between. I know God will help us raise a compassionate, talented & thoughtful daughter," she added. Michelle also used a hashtag that reads, "the anticipation is real." 


    WATCH: The Star gives us a different perspective of Christmas 

    It's the animals who take center stage in Sony's holiday offering this year. In a previous teaser, we had a glimpse of Bo, who wanted to deviate from his daily routine; Ruth, a loveable sheep who has lost her flock; and Dave, a dove with lofty aspirations. This time, we get to know the other animals and realize how they have no idea they were to play a part in the birth of Jesus Christ. The Star movie's voice cast includes Steven Yeun (The Walking Dead) as Bo, Aidy Bryant as Ruth, Keegan-Michael Key as Dave, and Tyler Perry, Tracy Morgan, and Oprah Winfrey as the camels. Other characters are voiced by Kelly Clarkson, Kristin Chenoweth, Gina Rodriguez, Zachary Levi, and Christopher Plummer. The Star opens in theaters in November. (collider.com)

    Zika vaccine shows promise in early human trial
    The DNA-based Zika vaccine, which is still in development, is a synthetic vaccine made by reproducing sections of the Zika virus in a lab. It is injected beneath the skin and, with the help of a device that generates electrical impulses that creates small pores in cells, allows the vaccine to pass into a person's cells. After three doses, human participants in the clinical trial had developed Zika-specific antibodies. Then, blood from immunized human study participants was injected into mice, and then the mice were exposed to Zika to check if these antibodies could protect against the virus. The animals that had gotten Zika-specific antibodies were protected, and the others who didn't have antibodies died. It's a promising vaccine and an innovative and faster way of manufacturing it. However, more testing will be needed to show if the vaccine is as effective at protecting humans from the virus. (gmanetwork.com)

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