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  • Bringing Kids to Dolphin Shows is Bad Education, Says Experts

    Holding dolphins in captivity for entertainment is not a good lesson to teach kids.
    by Teresa Gumap-as Dumadag .
  • “Such exhibits risk teaching children the wrong values that keeping wild animals for profit, extracting them from their natural habitat and family, and cruelty to other creatures are acceptable,” Palatino states in his resolution. He further said that wild animals like dolphins and whales pose significant danger to the public watching the shows as well as to the trainers due to their innate unpredictable and uncontrollable behavior compounded by the stress of being imprisoned.

    Ric O’Barry capped his visit to the Philippines by joining other dolphin advocates in a dolphin mural painting event last September 15 at the Quezon City High School led by A.G. Saño, WWF Hero of the Environment for 2011 and founder of the Dolphins Love Freedom network.  More than one hundred volunteers, including students from various schools and universities and families, enjoyed painting and learning about dolphins.

    Saño and his friends from the Dolphins Love Freedom network have been painting dolphin murals on walls around the country and abroad, including walls of schools and universities, since he saw The Cove. His original goal was to paint 23,000 dolphins as a tribute to the dolphins killed every year in Taiji, Japan. He has already achieved this goal but he persists in painting more dolphins and murals about Mother Nature to help educate the public, especially the youth, that dolphin captivity and slaughter is wrong and that it’s part of our responsibility to care for God’s creation. 

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    Some of the schools who have supported Saño in his advocacy by organizing mural painting sessions in their schools are the following: Akademia, Candent Learning House, Cradle of Joy, Create Learning Center, Creative Beginners, Diliman Preparatory School, Hatch Education, Headway School for Giftedness, Holly Joy, Learning Tree, Keys Grade School, Mind Builders, Miriam Preschool, Multiple Intelligences, Our Lady of Lourdes Child Development Center, and Raya.  

    Dolphin advocates like O’Barry and Saño hope that Palatino’s proposal would be passed into law. 

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