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  • Brothers Recreate A Life-size Replica of Andy's Room in "Toy Story 3"

    Talk about dedication!
    by SmartParenting Staff .
  • Over the years Pixar has never failed to put heartwarming movies out there for the whole family to see. One that certainly hits the mark is the movie Toy Story. (That’s why we can’t wait to see what the new Toy Story 4 will bring into the mix!)

    Let’s track back for a bit. Remember when Toy Story 3 made you cry? Admit it; you teared up when Andy passed his toys to Bonnie? Wailed like a baby, more likely. Kids loved the film for its toys, but grownups loved it for the nostalgia. It pulled a few heart strings, both young and old, that truly left a mark.

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    Well, these guys had an awesome idea to reacreate Andy's room to celebrate the franchise in all its glory—and the details are just incredible down to the last tiny bit.

    Brothers Morgan, 19, and Mason McGrew, 16 painstakingly built an amazing replica of Andy’s Room. It took them two years to finish it and primarily so they can film a live-action remake of Toy Sory 3.


    See their work below: 

    Toy Story room

    Toy Story room 2

    watch now

    “Honestly, we wanted to purely because we thought it was perfect. We love Toy Story 3 so much, that we wanted to live it,” Mason said in an interview with Babble. The room also doubles as his room—as in he actually sleeps in it. The brothers even have a dog that resembles Buster, Andy’s dog.

    Toy Story room dog Buster


    And they didn't stop at Andy's room. The McGrew brothers also made a replica of Andy’s 12-year-old sister Molly’s room, and the “backpack cubby” area in Sunnyside Daycare (shown below).

    Toy Story room Sunnydal cubbie holes

    And what’s a film without a poster? Here’s their version:

    Toy Story room poster


    We can't wait for the finished film!


    Read the full story here or follow the McGrew brothers' progress on Tumblr.

    Photos from Tumblr/ThePixarist


    October 28, 2015. "Diehard Toy Story Fans Create Real-Life Replica Of Andy's Room" (babble.com)

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