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  • Cake from a Can? Introducing the “Spray Cake”

  • The baking world has just gotten a revolutionary invention that saves not just on ingredients, but on cooking time.

    Introducing the spray cake, the brainchild of two Harvard University graduates, 20-year-old John McCallum, and his girlfriend, Brooke Nowakowski. McCallum was merely daydreaming about cake during a class in his freshman year when he saw someone spraying whipped cream. Next thing he knew, the two of them had bagged the first place in the 2014 Harvard Innovation Challenge and brought home $10,000.

    Spray Cake

    Their product, called the “Spray Cake”, basically lets people spray cake batter from a can.  (Screenshots from "Spray Cake i3 Gala Action Reel" | YouTube)

    From this:

    spray cake


    To this:

    Spray Cake

    Just like regular cake batter, you can bake it in an oven, but what’s even better is that you can also cook it in the microwave for just a minute (30 seconds for cupcakes), because it doesn’t require leavening agents like baking soda or baking powder. And even if it’s a simplified version of regular cake batter, it by no means lessens the quality when it comes to taste.

    “We want the batter to be organic and kosher certified,” said McCallum in an interview with abcnews.co.com. “We want fresh cake batter, not some overly processed food.” He does, however, emphasize that the spray cake is still not a substitute for the conventional baked cakes.

    The Spray Cake is slated to come out with two flavors, vanilla and chocolate, once they find a suitable company to manufacture the product.

    Watch how to “bake” a spray cake here:

    watch now

    Sources: foxnews.com, abcnews.go.com, bostonglobe.com 

    Screenshots from  (Screenshot from "Spray Cake i3 Gala Action Reel" | YouTube)

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