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  • Can air fresheners trigger asthma in your child?

    They may smell sweet and may eliminate bad odors in the home, but are these necessarily safe for your children’s respiratory health?
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    That said, are natural scents or fragrances a safer alternative? Not necessarily, says experts, because even products labeled to be organic may still have ingredients that are harmful to the respiratory system.

    With this discovery, attention has been redirected towards the issue of air pollution, considered a growing health threat around the world. According to the World Health Organization, it’s estimated to have already caused the deaths of some 2 million people each year, most of whom die because of long hours cooking using a wood-burning fire with little ventilation in the area. Cleaner cookstoves using biogas are recommended as these produce less smoke and are rather inexpensive.


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    Photo by MinivanNinja via flickr creative commons

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