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  • Can You Guess What This Baby Contraption Is For?

    Hint: It’s for relaxation purposes.
Can You Guess What This Baby Contraption Is For?
  • There are a lot of tips and tricks on how to calm a baby. You can sing to him, or hold him and sway and rock him, or bounce him around. There's also the hold, which a pediatrician swears by. It's a trial-and-error experiment, depending on your baby’s personality and temperament. Eventually, though, you'll definitely find that one thing that works like magic.

    But have you ever wondered if what works for you might also work for your little bundle of joy? Many moms would instantly feel relaxed after a spa massage. Maybe it would have the same effect on baby, too! There are spa facilities that already offer massage treatments for little humans, and the benefits that touch therapy offers babies have already been proven by science.

    This U.K. baby spa take it up a notch. It specializes in something else for baby: hydrotherapy.

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    "Baby Spa creates a calm, soothing and fun experience for both the parent and baby. It's amazing to watch the intense pleasure, contentment and curiosity the babies of just a few days or weeks old show as soon as they float in the warm water," Laura Sevenus, Baby Spa owner and former competitive swimmer, told the Daily Mail.

    According to Baby Spa, hydrotherapy, or postnatal floatation and exercise in water, helps improve a baby's mental and physical development which prepares them for when they start learning how to crawl, walk, and swim. "The more your baby can use his/her brain and muscles, the stronger they will grow. At Baby Spa, your baby will find the freedom and space he/she needs to progress and, most importantly, have fun as they learn at their own pace," she told the Daily Mail.

    So how does this work? First, the baby is fitted with a comfy neck floatation device—that’s what the baby contraption is—and then he is placed in an individual neonatal pod or a larger spa pool for 30 minutes, with a soothing music in the background. At first, babies test the waters (yes, pun intended), and when they do get a feel of it, they start wiggling, moving, kicking his legs and splashing with his arms—and they're enjoying it. Moms of Baby Spa clients swear by it, and experts also back it up, citing water therapy benefits for the mind and body. Watch!


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    Charlotte Davis, who works at Baby Spa, explains: "We're constantly holding them or they're lying on their back - there's constantly something touching them. The floatation device creates a feeling of euphoria - it's the first time they're upright without being held," she told The Mirror. Aside from improving babies' balance and muscle coordination, hydrotherapy also helps improve sleep and reduce abdominal discomfort and other colic-like symptoms. It helps babies be confident in the water, too, adds Sevenus, who is also the author or author of Practically Swimming, pioneered BabySwim, and established hydrotherapy back in 2005.

    According to Ria Mckay, swim instructor and founder of Aqualogic Swim Co. swimming has other long-term benefits for baby. Water exercise helps strengthen the baby's heart, lungs and respiratory system. This improved respiration helps the baby's ability to make sounds, which improves communication and overall language development. Safety is, of course, a top priority, and babies should always be supervised when swimming.

    So, are you willing to treat your baby to this pampering water spa?

    For more information about hydrotherapy for babies, visit Baby’s Spa’s website or check 0out their Facebook and Twitter.

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