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  • Iya, Andi, Camille, and More Celebrity Moms Share Parenting Hacks!

    Moms will do anything and everything for their children — and sometimes for fellow moms as well!
    by Rachel Perez .
Iya, Andi, Camille, and More Celebrity Moms Share Parenting Hacks!
PHOTO BY @iyavillania, @camilleprats, @andimanzano on Instagram
  • If you can’t find a solution to your problem, make one yourself — that’s always a mom’s motto! When one becomes a mom, she acquires that resourcefulness, perhaps born out of her unconditional love for her kids and wanting to give them only the best of everything.

    These celebrity moms show there is a solution for every issue, be it a service or a product. If there is none or they see room for improvement, they just go ahead and make it happen, also for the benefit of fellow moms who may be looking for the same solution.

    Hire a professional for your peace of mind.

    Primo’s recurring fever could be a symptom of dengue, so mom Iya had to be sure as soon as possible. She had her son take a dengue blood test at home.
    screenshot from @iyavillania/Instagram Stories

    Iya Villania was worried about son Primo’s recurring fever, so for her peace of mind, she had a dengue blood test done in the comfort of their home, courtesy of the Aide App. “This is a dengue test, and you can get the results within 10 to 20 minutes. We’re happy to know that it’s not dengue, at least. Woohoo!” she wrote on Instagram Stories. If you can pay for convenience, why not do it?

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    Find a breast pump that suits your needs.

    Andi found it more convenient to use a breast pump when expressing milk. Here’s her pumping set — and look at Lilo so happy going to her checkup!
    screenshot from @andieigengirl/Instagram Stories
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    Andi Eigenmann recently started expressing her breast milk. “I didn’t realize how it would contribute to making my life easier!” she wrote on Instagram Stories. Hand-expressing is the most cost-effective (and it’s free!) way to collect breast milk, but even if you’re just home latching your baby, it’s good to have even a manual breast pump on hand for when you need to pump fast.

    Humidifiers help ease baby’s stuffy nose.

    Poor Baby Nolan in the hospital. Breastfeeding mom Camille brought in their humidifier to help ease her son’s stuffy nose!
    screenshot from @camilleprats/Instagram Stories

    Camille Prats’ youngest son, Nolan Cristiano, is sick and in the hospital. She didn’t disclose why, but the mom of three brought a humidifier. “Air humidifier to help ease @nolan_cristiano’s colds,” Camille shared on Instagram Stories. These handy machines convert water into moisture, which can help thin out the mucus in your baby’s nose.

    Bake your own lactation goodies!

    Soon-to-be mama Solenn is already anticipating her and her baby girl's needs! Watch for her lactating cake recipe on her website!
    screenshot from @@solenn/Instagram Stories

    Solenn Heussaff is on the fifth month of her first pregnancy, and she’s already anticipating her and her baby girl’s needs. The preggo who also loves to cook shared on Instagram Stories a peek of her lactating lemon blueberry olive oil cake. (Recipe will soon be on her website!) Galactagogues can help boost breast milk supply if baby also unli-latches!

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    Exploring creativity also means collaborating with others.


    Andi Manzano has collaborated with Coral Swimwear PH for mom and daughter swimsuits and has her own preggy- and breastfeeding-friendly wear with Pearl Clothing. This time, the mom of two partnered with Incy Rooms for kiddie furniture made with sustainable wood. Andi shared a sneak peek of a corner of daughter Olivia’s playroom. “You can purchase the furniture you see SOON!” Andi wrote.

    Sometimes, the solution you need is for you, mom!


    Lucy Torres-Gomez teamed up with a local fashion brand Kashieca to create affordable ready-to-wear stylish clothes for women to wear at work. Her collection debuted at Bench Fashion Week last week and has been well-received. “I am told the pieces are selling very fast, and very well. Thank you for all the love you have sent my way — I feel it, I take it, I am grateful for it,” Lucy wrote on Instagram. “May the clothes make you feel beautiful as you go through your every day,” she added. 

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