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  • Church group expresses support for RH Bill

    A church group released a statement on their stand regarding the RH Bill and how this does not go against Bible teachings.
  • bible crossThe Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches (PCEC) has shown support for the Reproductive Health Bill, saying that the Bible does not does not say that contraception is an immoral act.

    The Catholic Church has strongly opposed the passing of the bill, and actively encourages churchgoers to do the same, claiming that the use of contraceptives will lead to killing of babies.  In a recent press conference in Quezon City, however, PCEC national director Bishop Efraim M. Tendero maintained that what the RH Bill promotes is responsible parenting, which is in accordance with the Bible’s teachings.

    The PCEC is composed of about 25,000 churches, 66 denominations and mission organizations.

    Congress will continue to tackle the controversial Bill when it resumes session on May 9.  For the full text on the Reproductive Health Bill, please check out the Philippine e-Legal Forum.

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