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  • Coleen Garcia's First 'Praning' Moment As A Mom Is About How To Resolve Newborn Acne

    Coleen felt sorry for her son Amari's newborn acne.
    by FM Ganal for Pep.ph .
  • Coleen Garcia encounters her first "praning" moment as a new mother. In her Instagram Stories, the new mom shares that her son Amari started having rashes all over his face a few days after his birth.

    Amari had what is called newborn acne, which is common among babies. Coleen got "so praning" she immediately called her midwife and doctors. Even when they all assured her that thee rashes are normal and will "go away... after some time." Still, the actress "felt sorry" for her son.

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    Coleen felt sorry for her son having newborn acne.
    PHOTO BY Instagram/ColeeN Garcia

    Coleen decided to slather breast milk all over Amari's face, except for the eyes. According to the new mom, "Everything disappeared, except for the rashes sa eyes!" She then dabbed some breast milk around her baby's eyes, and the acne faded as well.

    Now, Amari is "so makinisssssssss." Coleen affirms that breast milk is an effective home remedy for newborn acne as well as diaper rashes.

    Breast milk helped clear Amari's newborn acne.
    PHOTO BY Instagram/Coleen Garcia
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    Newborn acne looks a lot like acne that occurs among adults — they appear as red bumps or pimples on a baby’s face, neck, and upper back. In some cases, baby acne may also be coupled with whiteheads, white pustules, and reddish skin. 

    Although it's common in newborns and occurs within the first month of life, the cause of newborn acne is still unknown. Some say it is caused by maternal hormones passed on from the mother to the baby during the last stage of pregnancy.

    While it's not nice to look at, newborn acne disappears on its own. Many moms said breast milk has helped clear their baby's skin. (Click here to know what other conditions breast milk can help cure.)

    Coleen's breastfeeding journey

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    Apart from birth photos, Billy Crawford shared the first photo of Coleen breastfeeding Amari. In Coleen's posts, she reveals she has been "breastfeeding non-stop." She relishes breastfeeding Amari, watching him fall asleep as he feeds until "he wakes up to feed again."

    Coleen has been breastfeeding Amari on demand since giving birth.
    PHOTO BY Instagram/Coleen Garcia
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    Coleen says she's been trying to put Amari to sleep so she can "get back to doing stuff." But the new mother admits she just "can't resist him," and has a hard time leaving her baby alone.


    Coleen and Billy welcomed Amari on September 10, 2020. She delivered her via a home water birth. 

    This story originally appeared on Pep.ph.

    *Edits have been made by the SmartParenting.com.ph editors.

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