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  • Company Lets Kids Create Their Own Superhero Action Figure

    HeroMe lets kids build their own superhero action figure, from head to toe
  • HeroMe female action figures

    Photo taken from HeroMe's Kickstarter page

    Loads of children have donned a towel as a cape, put another set of underwear over their pants, raised their fists in the air and pretended to be Superman. That’s because Superman is cool. But you know what else is cool? Kids creating their own superheroes.

    And that’s what HeroMe is trying to do. They’re giving kids the option to create their own superheroes.

    Launched in November 2014, HeroMe was created because founder and CEO Josh Bryan wanted children to expand their imaginations beyond characters with pre-written stories.

    “Batman will always have a Batcave, and Luke will always be Darth Vader’s son,” Bryan said in an email to The Huffington Post. “We started HeroMe because we want all kids to have the power to create their own superhero story.”

    HeroMe lets kids make up their own superhero by giving them options of what their superhero action figure would look like. They have five different male heads and also five arms and five legs to choose from. There are even choices for helicopter arms and sledgehammer legs.


    HeroMe male heads

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    Photo taken from HeroMe's Kickstarter page

    And now, they want to expand with a female superhero set, too. These won’t be your typical female action figures, either. Differing from the stereotypical female body build used in most toys, they’ll have different torsos and a variety of looks. An option for a werewolf leg complete with ripped shorts is also in the works.


    HeroMe female action figure

    Photo from HeroMe's Kickstarter page

    They’re also aiming to introduce more kids to strong and confident superhero females as opposed to the skin-tight and often times scanty outfits women superheroes are seen wearing. Plus, these new action figures won’t just be for girls either.

    “At HeroMe, we know it's important for girls to be exposed to strong female superheroes, but we also think it's just as important for boys to have powerful female superheroes as role models, too,” said Bryan.

    If the company manages to raise $25,000 (that’s a little over P1.1M) through their Kickstarter campaign by June, they’ll be able to turn their female superhero figures plans into reality.

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