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  • Congratulations to the Winners of the "150+ Fun & Creative Activities for Kids" Book

    The new Smart Parenting book offers endless hours of fun activities for parents and their kids ... and these Twitter followers get it for free!
  • It pays to be on Twitter!  Here are the lucky tweeps who will receive a copy each of the new Smart Parenting book 150+ Fun & Creative Activities for Kids:

    1.    phbakehouse
    2.    rengieann
    3.    markevanlim
    4.    shielahbong
    5.    rodawin
    6.    LuiDC
    7.    ching_and_emie
    8.    annfyao
    9.    elleirbag34
    10.    Cho_05
    11.    gorgeousf8
    12.    shelahlim
    13.    tweetkatz
    14.    crystalfaith17
    15.    jeareq
    16.    franchster
    17.    liv_reyes
    18.    johndenise22
    19.    growrichpinay
    20.    tracegavin
    21.    sircdizon
    22.    kate_demetrio
    23.    leivictorio
    24.    dtyap
    25.    cherrylej03
    26.    vieneligado
    27.    aa_arienaissy
    28.    lady_emelye
    29.    jffhernandez698
    30.    imgrazey

    Not in the list?  Follow SP_online on Twitter for a chance to receive exciting prizes in upcoming promos!


    To claim the prize, winners must drop by the Summit Media office at the 6th Floor Robinsons Cybergate Tower 3, Robinsons Pioneer Complex, Pioneer Street, Mandaluyong City not later than May 31, 2011, from Monday to Friday, between 10 am and 5 pm, and look for Lei or Steph.  Bring two (2) valid IDs.  

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    The Smart Parenting "150+ Fun & Creative Activities for Kids" is available at bookstores nationwide.

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