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  • Dad Exposes the Dangers of Bounce Houses After Son's Near-Fatal Accident

    Warning: don't leave your child unsupervised in a bounce house
  • A giant inflatable bounce house might seem fun and safe for kids but recent news suggests otherwise.

    Last June, a bounce house was blown away by the wind taking a little girl inside with it. Sadly, she was killed. Just recently, a young boy was sucked underneath and into the matting of a bounce house. The story was reported by Yahoo Parenting

    At the Inflatable World In Glenfield, New Zealand, 4-year-old Deacon Rambaud was playing in a bounce house when he accidentally slipped backwards, was sucked under and got trapped inside the inflatable’s matting.
    Deacon Rambaud
    Thankfully his father was nearby. “He could of [sic] suffocated,” Brendon Rambaud wrote on Facebook warning other parents. “I had to rip the cover back and all I could see was [his] foot so I grabbed it and pulled him out….If I [hadn’t] seen it happen, they wouldn’t of [sic] found him till they [packed] it up to put it away. You couldn’t even hear him screaming underneath the matting.”

    “If I wasn’t there watching him, no one would have known he was in there,” he added. “You couldn't even hear him screaming underneath the matting.”

    Bounce houses are not as safe as most parents think. Laura Woodburn, U.S. National Association of Amusement Ride Safety Officials spokesperson, shared her advice with Yahoo Parenting on what to check before letting your child play in a bounce house.

    1. Make sure operators are following bounce house manufacturer’s rules. Most bounce houses have a basic operating instructions stitched on them, said Woodburn. Read it.


    2. Read rules aloud with children. Let the kids know what’s expected of them, said Woodburn.

    3. Follow your gut. “If you feel something is not right, make sure the operator takes care of whatever it is. Don’t wait until time is up or the cycle is over.”

    News and GIF Source:
    July 9, 2015. "Horrifying Bouncy House Dangers Exposed After Boy Disappears Inside of One". yahoo.com

    Brendon Rambaud's Facebook page

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