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  • Daniel Radcliffe ends his “Potter” journey in Deathly Hallows – Part 2”

    At the end of his decade-long journey playing Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe shares a sense of gratitude and pride as he, together with the cast and crew, brings the historic film series to a close in “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2.”
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    The fandom for Harry Potter has grown so huge and is constantly evolving and growing with the films.  What are your thoughts on just the sheer size and scale of it?  

    Radcliffe:  In terms of the actual scale of Potter, I think it is amazing.  In a way, one of the things that keeps me grounded and sane is the fact that you have to remember that it’s not because of me that people are screaming at the premieres.  Anybody who got this part would have had that level of mania surrounding them a few weeks a year.  And I think that’s very important to remember.  I just got very, very lucky with the part that sort of I fell into.

    The other thing I think I’d say about the fans and about the scale is the fact that it’s interesting, because Harry Potter—even though there are films now—is still, at the heart of it, a literary phenomenon.  And when you compare the fans of this to something, say like Star Trek or Star Wars, all of which have that same incredibly devoted fan base, because it starts off as a literary thing, it’s kind of inspired a generation of really, really, literate, interesting fans, people who—having been so inspired by the Potter books—have then gone off and expanded their reading into other areas.  I think that’s the most remarkable thing about it.  I don’t think there are any other kinds of fans like Harry Potter fans, who are so interested in everything, not just the thing that is the focus of their fandom.  


    When you were reading the Potter books, did you ever think, ‘I would love to  be Harry Potter’?  

    Radcliffe:  No.  Not particularly.  His life sounded like a nightmare.  [Laughs]  I kind of thought, ‘God, this poor kid.’  But, I think, after I got the part, I then went back and read all four—I think only the first four had come out at that point—and I read them all back to back and just became obsessed.  I would charge around my room, despite having been filming as him during the day, I would [Laughs] tell my grandma over at my hotel room in Newcastle where we were filming the scenes where the broom leaps up into my hand, and I would be going back to my hotel room at night and having wand fights with nobody.  [Laughs]  Oh, yes, it’s a pity I didn’t have a brother.  Yeah.



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