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  • DepEd Textbook Contains 775 Errors

    It cost the government almost P82 million to print
DepEd Textbook Contains 775 Errors
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    On paper, the K-12 Education System works for the benefit of the future generation. “K-12 means extending basic education by two years, so instead of having a high school graduate at 16 (years old), we will have high schoolers graduating at 18,” explains Prof. Lorina Calingasan of the College of Education in UP Diliman. It gives Filipino kids a good chance to compete with the Asian global workforce.

    But when it was introduced in 2012, many parents were up in arms because it would entail an additional two years of school tuition. On top of that, many have expressed doubt that the Department of Education was ready for such a big change.

    This textbook shows that maybe the big shift isn’t working well for the kids.

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    Inquirer columnist Antonio Calipjo Go calls attention to a Department of Education (DepEd) project, a textbook that cost almost P82 million to print. He is referring to the textbook Science Learners Material, a 2015 first edition, for Grade 4 students.

    Science Learner's Manual for Grade 4Photo from Inquirer.net


    "Currently used by Grade 4 pupils studying in public elementary schools nationwide, this 318-page textbook contains 775 errors ranging from conceptual, pedagogical, logical and grammatical errors to errors having to do with simple drawings and illustrations," he wrote.

    "That a mere grade-school-level textbook could have so many errors -- an average of 2.4 errors per page -- speaks volumes about the real state of the Philippine public school system," Calipjo Go, who is also the academic supervisor of Marian School of Quezon City, added.

    Below are some of the errors in the Science Learner's Material for Grade 4, as listed in another post by the Inquirer.net:

    "Ball-and-sockets joints protect the eyes."

    "The bat has to get rid of the large tree by echolocation or else it will bump and hurt its head."

    "Adulthood is a significant time that adults can give birth"

    "To dissect or crack an egg or split the seeds open, use a nailcutter."

    "You need clear plastic ruler one foot-inch."

    "The liquid material did not went through the paper towel. Why do these materials cannot completely dissolve in liquid?"

    "What will happen to an object if you will bent or crumpled it?"

    What other parents are reading

    The textbook, which was supposedly "collaboratively developed and reviewed by educators from public and private schools, colleges and universities”, clearly has issues. While private schools may have the funds to opt for other textbooks, public schools -- the benchmark of the K-12 system's success -- do not have that privilege. 

    Calipjo Go has made it his life's mission to help improve the public education system by reviewing the textbooks these students use. He had also previously found errors in the seven other DepEd-published learner’s materials that he had reviewed so far. In June last year, he found 1,300 errors in an English textbook published by the DepEd. Around that time, House Bill 5866 was proposed, seeking to create the National Text Review Board to ensure that textbooks printed have no errors whatsoever.

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    "Unless and until the textbooks that our children are using are made to conform with accepted norms and standards of accuracy and correctness, the K to 12 program is bound to founder," Calipjo Go says.


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