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  • Divine Lee on Why Son Baz Was Bottle-fed Early: He Had Tongue-Tie!

    She opens up about guilt-free breastfeeding via bottle, losing the pregnancy weight, and focusing on the positive support she gets online.
    by Rachel Perez .
Divine Lee on Why Son Baz Was Bottle-fed Early: He Had Tongue-Tie!
PHOTO BY @divinemlee and @blake_go/Instagram
  • Like any mom in her situation, celebrity mom Divine Lee Go will do what's best for her child, regardless of other people's opinions. In a recent interview, the new mom revealed that her four-month-old baby Baz had tongue-tie, which prevented him from latching properly to breastfeed, thus she gave him the bottle. 

    "I gave the bottle to my child early because of that, the tongue-tie—pero breast milk siya," Divine told "I didn't have a problem with my supply. I just had a problem with his tongue-tie," she added. It was the first time she revealed why she had to give expressed milk to Baz through a feeding bottle rather than letting him latch.

    The 36-year-old host and model shared that initially, Baz latched but had difficulty. "Yung una, it was hard for me... yung anak ko para siyang bulol so yung tongue niya medyo magkadikit so hindi siya maka-suck," Divine described. "You have to cut it... para maka-suck siya nang mas maayos," she added. 


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    Tongue-tie, according to dentist Dr. Axel Trecho-Gerochi, is a condition wherein a thin piece of skin under the baby’s tongue (lingual frenulum) is very short. It restricts the movement and mobility of the baby's tongue, which are necessary for a good latch and adequate breast milk intake. It can be resolved through a quick minor surgery cutting the frenulum via laser.

    When Divine first shared on social media that she's already expressing milk earlier than six weeks postpartum, she had a disclaimer for people who may be quick to judge. She started expressing milk early upon the advice of her doctor. 

    "Some people are purists kasi na gusto nila latch lang," Divine said. "But ako, I believe in what is best for my child... Kaya I don't judge people who are on formula, who are just pumping," she shared. "For me, the mom should know kung ano yung best for the child," Divine stressed. She didn't allow guilt to cloud her judgment; she knows it's what's best for Baz.

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    The new mom also shared that breastfeeding Baz helped her lose the pregnancy weight. "Paglabas niya, I had to breastfeed a lot talaga 'cause he was such a big child so marami ang kailangan niya," Divine said. In fact, when posting Baz's #OOTD posts, she often quips that he's already wearing clothes larger than his age-size. 

    It also helped that she remained active even while pregnant. "Hindi ako nag-stop na mag-gym, although naiba yung routine mo, but I just kept on doing gym the whole time," she shared. Divine advises all moms to try to remain active throughout the nine months of pregnancy. 

    "You will thank your body na mas mabilis siya mag snap back," she said. "Also, if you're active, you really get happy hormones, and that's good for your baby. So si Baz, hindi siya iyakin, masaya siyang bata," Divine shared. Even when Baz was circumcised, he remained happy and didn't give his parents a difficult time while recovering. 

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    Divine was also prepared to combat postpartum depression, but so far, she's not experienced it. "I was one of the lucky ones, but siyempre may days na medyo feeling mo pipitik ka kasi hindi ka na natutulog... But I think I'm so mature when I had my first child na parang, alam mo na, ready ka na talaga so hindi rin ako pumitik ganun," she explained. 

    She stressed, however, the importance of a strong support system for new moms, even from online. Aside from partners and family, Divine chooses to focus on the positive people cheering her on, rather than bashers on social media. 

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