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  • Do Lolo and Lola Need a Lesson in Modern Parenting?

    Are grandparents’ parenting methods outdated?
  • grandpa babyHave you ever been in an argument with your parents or in-laws because you just could not agree on a matter involving your baby? A lot of moms and dads can probably relate. 

    So much has changed since the day we ourselves were babies, and - let’s face it - with recent discoveries and technological advances in child care, even the dynamics of changing a diaper may have changed. And what about pamahiins handed down from earlier generations? To this very day, we still see babies with a red lipstick dot on their forehead to ward off usog. 

    Not to say, of course, that these beliefs are entirely outdated, but lolo and lola could surely learn a thing or two from recent developments in child care, including the sheer plethora of baby care products in the market; from diaper bags, sleep sacks, booster seats to nursing slings. Simply acquainting grandparents with these items might be advantageous for new parents, especially.


    This is why in the U.S., more and more hospitals and community centers have been offering classes to grandparents to help ease them into the world of modern parenting. TIME’s November 21 issue reports how these “grandparenting 101” classes are slowly gaining popularity in the U.S., to the chagrin of some of the enrolled grandparents. 

    While the objective of the classes may be purely to familiarize lolo and lola with modern parenting, they may strike them as offensive because they might feel they’re being taught what they already know about rearing children.

    Adair Lara, author of The Granny Diaries, commented, “Nobody likes to think they spent 20 years doing something, and all the information they learned along the way is now useless.”

    Despite this, however, the willingness of grandparents to attend such classes shows that more than anything, it’s really their grandchild’s welfare that they consider most important. 

    Do you think Grandparenting 101 classes could be effective here in the Philippines? We’d love to know your thoughts. Leave a comment below.


    November 15, 2011. Bonnie Rochman. “Grandparenting 101: Teaching Grandma and Grandpa About Modern Parenting” healthland.time.com 

    Photo by Jeroen Kransen via flickr creative commons

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