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  • Noong March 22, 2020, pumanaw ang iginagalang na anesthesiologist na si Dr. Greg Macasaet sa Manila Doctors Hospital mula sa komplikasyong dala ng coronavirus.

    Nahawa si Dr. Macasaet sa isa niyang pasyente na nag-positibo sa COVID-19 pagkatapos bumiyahe sa ibang bansa.

    Ang asawa ni Dr. Greg na si Dr. Evalyn Talens Macasaet, kapwa niya anesthesiologist, ay nag-positibo rin sa COVID-19 at kasalukuyan pang nagpapagaling.  

    Sa nag-viral na Facebook post ni Jose Gonzalo M. Ditching, isa ring doktor, inilarawan ang mga huling sandali ni Dr. Greg ayon sa isa sa kanyang pinagkakatiwalaang kaibigan at inaanak na nagngangalang Atty. Renato "Aboy" Paraiso.

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    Sa kanyang mensahe sa kanyang inaanak, sinabi niya kung paano lumala ang kanyang kalagayan sa mga nagdaang araw.

    "Ateng Evalyn and I are in separate isolation rooms with no visual communication from each other!

    "It started several days ago when I experienced very high grade fever followed by a really bad cough! 

    "Upon admission, things started to turn worse!" ayon umano kay Dr. Greg.

    "As the hours pass, you will experience a really terrible headache and your entire body will be very weak and painful! You will lose your appetite and taste but it is important you consume fluids, nutrients and specialty medications which among us doctors, we take."


    Sa kanyang orihinal na Facebook post, sinulat ni Atty. Aboy ang tungkol sa kabayanihan ng kanyang ninong at pagtupad nito sa kanyang sinumpaang tungkulin. 

    "As he recounted to me, he and Ateng chose to stay when most of their colleagues chose to keep themselves safe and did not report for work. This despite having an only son with special needs. 

    "THEY CHOSE TO STAY, stay at their post, stay beside their patients, stay true to their oath and calling as doctors sacrificing themselves and their family. 

    "And now Kuya Greg has made the ultimate sacrifice of life, not because he was forced or obliged to do so, but because of his dedication to his craft and his constant devotion to be of service to others."

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    Sa nag-viral na Facebook post ni Dr. Ditching, nakapagsulat pa diumano ng kanyang huling habilin si Dr. Greg isang araw bago ito pumanaw, kung saan sinabi niya ang kanyang pag-aalala sa kanyang anak na mayroong autism.

    "Good evening, my beloved brethren! The turn of events is just no longer going in my favor. The feeling you get, aside from extreme pains all over, difficulty of breathing and as if all life is being sucked from your body! They will be putting cutdown lines and central tubes on me anytime soon! If they intubate me and place me on ventilator, then the game is almost over! 

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    "If Ateng [referring to his wife] survives, then my wish for her and Raymond [his son who is with autism] for a long and happy life will bear fruition! 

    "Raymond however needs financial and emotional care for the rest of his life! Something I may no longer be able to fulfill! It Is my fervent hope that all of you may assist the rest of my Family in our most difficult times!"

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    Sa isang mensahe sa kanilang Facebook page, nagpaabot ng pakikiramay ang Manila Doctors Hospital sa pamilya at mga kapwa frontliners ni Dr. Greg sa kanyang pagpanaw. 

    "We honor a brave man, one of the best anesthesiologists in the country. 

    "No words can convey the depth of our sadness as we lost not just a doctor but a friend, colleague, co-worker, father, and a husband," sabi dito.

    Hiling ni Atty. Aboy sa kanyang post, "For you who is reading this, I ask you to share his story, both in life and in death, that others may learn from it, and that in his sacrifice we may pay tribute to and honor all the men and women in the frontlines who, like him, are risking self and family to serve us and keep us and our loved ones safe."

    What other parents are reading

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