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  • Doug Kramer Surprised Daughters Kendra and Scarlett with New Promise Rings!

    Doug also gave Chesca a new bling for their anniversary. It has 11 GIA-certified diamond rings!
    by Rachel Perez .
Doug Kramer Surprised Daughters Kendra and Scarlett with New Promise Rings!
PHOTO BY @chekakramer and Team Kramer/YouTube
  • On the eve of their 11th wedding anniversary, Doug Kramer greeted his wife Chesca with a surprise: a stunning ring with ten small diamonds and a big one in the middle, symbolizing eleven years of marital bliss.

    “I don’t like to get bags or shoes for anniversaries, so I chose jewelry because it’s going to last much longer,” Doug explained. The stones in Chesca's new ring come with a certificate from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). It guarantees the cut of the diamonds is “really nice.”

    The center diamond on Chesca’s new rin looks enormous! Doug joked that with his wife’s hand, everything looks big because her hands are so tiny.
    screenshot from Team Kramer/YouTube

    Chesca is always thankful when Doug buys her gifts. “But what really makes me happy is that you have fulfilled my dream of having a complete family, just by being a good husband and father, and for that, I am so thankful,” the mom of three added.

    But wait, there’s more! Chesca isn’t the only Kramer with new sparkling jewelry. The girls, Kendra and Scarlett, also each received simpler but equally precious new promise rings.

    Kendra and Scarlett’s new promise rings look simpler compared to the ones they received on their 7th birthday, but they’re equally lovely and still have one diamond!
    screenshot from Team Kramer/YouTube
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    Doug gave each of his daughters a promise ring when they turned 7. Kendra, now 10, got hers three years ago, and Scarlett, who’s turning 8 in December 2019, received hers last year.

    The girls’ original promise rings bore the first letter of their names encrusted with diamonds, which made it “a little hard” for them to wear it every day, Doug said. He got Kendra and Scarlett simple but nice rings — this time, with only one diamond on each ring — to wear every day in place of their promise rings.


    What is a promise ring? “It’s an outward symbol of a promise that you will uphold,” Doug said, speaking to his daughters. “It’s almost like my wedding ring with mama,” he added. It’s a reminder that “as easy as we can have friends, our love should not be given away so easily,” he said. “And always remember how daddy and mommy love you.”

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    “One day, we also hope and pray that you also find a perfect partner,” Chesca chimed in. “But not until that day comes, you shouldn’t just give it away to just anybody,” the mom of three said. “You have to protect yourself,” Doug told Kendra and Scarlett.

    “Always remember how daddy treats you girls, the kind of respect I show you guys, how I respect and love mama,” he said. “Never settle for anything less,” Chesca stressed.

    The dad of three was called out before for giving her daughters promise rings at an early age, but the Kramers think there’s nothing wrong with it. The girls remember that the promise ring is a symbol of how they should value themselves.

    Doug added that in their home, they’ve talked “about a lot of things, even about sex, respecting their bodies, and [about] only Mama, Kendra and Scarlett can properly put boundaries with their bodies.”


    Watch Team Kramer’s video below:

    For tips on how to talk to kids about sex, consent, and more, click here.

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