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  • Dyson Unveils The New Dyson V11 Absolute+ Cord-Free Vacuum

    It boasts of up to 120 minutes run time to help you clean the house more efficiently.
Dyson Unveils The New Dyson V11 Absolute+ Cord-Free Vacuum
  • With multiple tasks that need to be done in one day — from assisting children with their online schooling to running errands and taking care of the house to working from home — moms and dads will surely appreciate a bit of help. Particularly, when it comes to maintaining the cleanliness of the home.

    This is where the new Dyson V11™ Absolute+ cord-free vacuum, which the Dyson is proud to call its “most powerful, intelligent vacuum1,” comes in.

    The new and upgraded Dyson V11™ Absolute+ cord-free vacuum features a new click-in battery system and the powerful Dyson Hyperdymium™ motor. Combined with intelligent sensing and suction power adaptation capabilities, Dyson’s latest innovation promises to serve every cleaning need of Philippine households.

    “Ten years ago, Dyson disrupted the home cleaning category with our cord-free format, making cleaning easier and more efficient for millions of owners,” says John Churchill, VP of floorcare at Dyson.

    He adds: “The launch of the Dyson V11™ Absolute+ cord-free vacuum disrupted the category once more, introducing Dynamic Load Sensor (DLS) technology that made vacuuming intelligent for the first time. But our engineers are never satisfied.

    “With the Dyson V11™ Absolute+, owners can now use the power, intelligence, and versatility of our proprietary vacuum technology for up to two hours, enabling high-powered cleaning for longer.”

    With the Dyson V11™ Absolute+, users can remove and replace click-in battery packs for even longer-lasting power, with fade-free cleaning guaranteed.

    The three microprocessors in the Dyson V11™ Absolute+ cord-free vacuum monitor performance up to 8,000 times a second. These are located in the Dynamic Load Sensor inside the High Torque cleaner head, inside the Dyson Hyperdymium motor, and inside the battery.

    These advances mean that suction automatically adjusts depending on floor type, with the user being able to see at a glance how much run time remains.

    Key features of the Dyson V11™ Absolute+ cord-free vacuum include:

    • Swappable batteries: The Dyson V11™ Absolute+ cord-free vacuum now comes with the click-in battery system. This allows users to change batteries easily to extend run time for deep cleaning2. Dyson’s powerful battery pack has seven larger, high-capacity cells with nickel-cobalt-aluminum cathodes to help deliver more suction power. With an additional click-in battery, the run time is doubled to 120 minutes.
    • Dyson’s powerful digital motor: The motor at the core of the machine is a Dyson Hyperdymium motor, which spins at 125,000rpm. It has a triple diffuser to optimize the balance of power and performance while reducing turbulence and noise. The motor’s increased efficiency generates 20% more powerful suction3 than its predecessor.
    • Advanced filtration: Exposure to dust and allergens can affect well-being. The Dyson V11™ Absolute+’s fully sealed filtration system captures 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns4 and expels cleaner air. Fourteen cyclones generate forces of more than 79,000g to fling microscopic particles such as pollen, bacteria, and dust mites into the bin.
    • High Torque cleaner head with Dynamic Load Sensor (DLS): The DLS system, which is unique to the High Torque cleaner head, intelligently detects brush bar resistance and automatically communicates with the motor’s and battery’s microprocessors to change the suction power between carpets and hard floors. This enables carpets to be deep-cleaned and run time to be extended on hard floors.

      The High Torque cleaner head features stiff nylon bristles that drive deep into carpets to remove ground-in dirt, and anti-static carbon fiber filaments that capture dust from hard floors and crevices. An integrated digital motor spins the brush bar up to 60 times a second.
    • LCD screen: The Dyson V11™ Absolute+'s onboard screen shows performance in real-time, including selected power mode and remaining run time to give the user more control while cleaning.

      The screen also reminds the user when to clean filters for optimum performance, and informs them of any blockages and how to clear them. Thanks to sensor magnets embedded in the filter assembly, the screen can tell the user when the filter isn’t connected properly.

    The Dyson V11™ cord-free vacuum is available on www.wpi.ph, at Dyson demo stores in SM Aura Premier, SM Mall of Asia, The Podium Mall, Greenbelt 5, Ayala Trinoma, Century City Mall, Greenhills Promenade, and select premium retail partners nationwide. The Dyson V11™ Absolute+ retails for P49,900 (SRP) while the Dyson V11™ Fluffy retails for P42,900 (SRP).

    1 Suction tested to IEC 62885-2 CL5.8 at the cleaner head, tested in Boost mode

    2 Additional battery and charger available to buy separately

    3 Compared to the Dyson V10TM vacuum

    4 Tested at the cleaner head to ATSM F558

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